ABC Orders Pilot Based on Andrew Gross Novel 'No Way Back'


Andrew Gross

It seems that adapting novels for television has kind of become the "in" thing in recent years. It makes sense really, both from an author and studio perspective. Why hack a book up for the purposes of writing a 90-120 page feature, when you can completely adapt ot even expand the book(s) over a season or more of television. This strategy prevents fans of the source material from being irked by ignored subplots, dropped characters, and other alterations that always seem to happen on a story's journey from the page to the big screen.

No Way Back book coverThe latest book slated to make the jump to a television near you is Andrew Gross' 2013 thriller 'No Way Back.' Released in April, the novel has performed quite well, and continues Gross' pattern of success. Gross' other solo works include 'The Blue Zone,' 'Eyes Wide Open,' '15 Seconds,' and 'Reckless.' Gross first became well known due to his collaborations with other best-selling author James Patterson. Two of those team-ups were part of the very successful 'Women's Murder Club' series, which was also turned into a TV show for ABC. That show was canceled after one season. Hopefully that isn't a bad omen already for this new project.

'No Way Back' follows two women, one a suburban cop and the other a Mexican nanny, whose lives become intertwined following a chance encounter that leads to murder. The latter is framed for the murder, while the former is the only witness to who really committed the crime. They must now work together to unravel the high-level conspiracy operating behind the whole thing. The pilot is being written by 'American Horror Story' executive producer Jessica Sharzer, and produced by Ron Howard's Imagine Television studio.

Does the concept of 'No Way Back' have potential? Would you tune in to watch the pilot?

- Andrew Gross

Written by: msd85
Sep 3rd, 2013, 11:06 am

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