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‘Modern Family’ Star Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Online Cameo

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Recalling the dreadful casting calls of his past, the now famous star of ‘Modern Family’ Jesse Tyler Ferguson pokes fun at the awful experiences actors have in front of casting directors.

“I’ve had many horrible, horrible auditions. They’re tucked away,” says Ferguson. “I try not to remember them. There are too many to name, actually.”

Taking his past and turning it into good humor, Ferguson revisits a dryer time in his cameo for ‘Submissions Only.’ A new online sitcom, which takes real life situations and turns them into laugh out loud behind-the-scenes look of theatre hopefuls living in New York.

Airing on April 27 on BroadwayWorld.com, Ferguson enthusiastically sings out an original song when he eventually crashes and burns.

“It start’s with him singing a song and it seems like things are going OK, but then it increasingly gets worse and by the end he’s a mess,” mentions Kate Wetherhead, creator, writer and star of ‘Submissions Only.’

With the shows tight budget, the directors have to entice actors with something they say is better than money: a very short time on set. It seems to be working since Ferguson is on the list of many accomplished Broadway bests that also have cameos on the show.  

The show has been said to resemble to new NBC show ‘Smash’, which also draws upon the difficulty of showbiz.

Although, ‘Submissions Only’ is a lighthearted take on the process of Broadway as Ferguson metioned, “It was like going out and playing with friends for an afternoon.”



Source: Washington Post




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Written by: AnaEmbry
Apr 18th, 2012, 2:10 pm

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