Jane Leeves Will Appear on 'We Are Men'


Jane Leeves

Jane Leeves will add a female face to CBS’ ‘We Are Men.’ She will have a guest role on the single-camera comedy, which debuts Sept. 30th after a strong lead-in from ‘How I Met Your Mother.’

‘We Are Men’ stars Christopher Nicholas Smith (‘Fake It Til You Make It’), Jerry O’Connell (‘Sliders,’ ‘Crossing Jordan’), Kal Penn (‘Harold & Kumar’), and Tony Shalhoub (‘Monk’). After Carter (Smith) is left at the altar, he gets an apartment in a short-term apartment complex, and begins to bond with other men who have also had failed relationships.

After watching the trailer (below) for some reason I am reminded of Robert’s bachelor apartment on ‘Everybody Loves Raymond,’ and how Frank and Ray became jealous and wanted to constantly visit.

Leeves will play character Vanessa, a hairstylist working at the complex’s hair salon, where Frank (Shalhoub) has weekly appointments.

With the nature of the role, it sounds like there is the potential for Leeves to become a regular on the show. Sometimes a developed female role provides a nice contrast and balance on a show such as this. Leeves has worked within a male-heavy cast before with her work on ‘Frasier.’

‘We Are Men’ will have indirect competition with another male-centered show, as Seth MacFarlane’s anticipated ‘Dads’ will air Tuesdays on Fox.

Do you think Jane Leeves would provide a nice balance to the male-dominated ‘We Are Men’?  


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Written by: Robert_Steele
Sep 4th, 2013, 7:39 pm

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While the "Dads" promo left me with nothing but apathy (it looks just like any other sitcom, which disappointed me), this actually got me laughing. And Shalhoub is always great. While definately not the most-anticipated new show of the year, I'll check it out for sure.

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