Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Twerking Hoax Criticism


Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Twerking Hoax Criticism


Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel revealed that the epic YouTube sensation "Worst Twerk Fail Ever - Girl Catches Fire" was a complete and utter hoax, setting much of the Internet aflame with outrage. As it turns out, the girl in the video is actually a stuntwoman named Daphne, proving once again that you can't always trust everything you see on the web. Nothing new there though, right?

Kimmel's confession video quickly spiked to 7 million views in less than 24 hours, nearly catching up to the hoax video's 10.8 million views, which has been up for about a week. "It was kind of a fun day today. There was a lot of excitement around our office today," the late night host remarked on his show 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' last night. "Those of you who saw the show last night know we pulled a prank on a lot of people. We made a video of a girl twerking and what appeared to be accidentally setting herself on fire."

But what Kimmel enjoyed most about the whole stunt was the way the news channels picked up the story and ran with it. "But the funny thing is, after all the news channels embarrassed themselves by running a bogus video - today, they ran it again to announce that it wasn't real," Kimmel explained.

And as for all the haters out there who are genuinely upset that the video was a fake, Kimmel was quick to apologize. Well, sort of. "I'm sorry the girl in yoga pants didn't suffer third degree burns," Kimmel chided. "But let me say this - just because we faked this particular video doesn't mean everything on the Internet is fake. Porn is still real." So we can at least find solace in that fact.

If you missed Kimmel's confession (or have been hiding under a rock and have no idea what twerking is), check out the video below and watch the magic unfold:

- Jimmy Kimmel
- Jimmy Kimmel Live

Written by: Kelly_Schremph
Sep 11th, 2013, 8:06 am

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