'Arrow' Casts Grant Gustin as The Flash


Grant Gustin


Barry Allen fans rejoice! For the second time, fan-favorite DC Comics superhero The Flash is coming to live-action television--'Arrow' has cast Grant Gustin as the scarlet speedster!

Gustin is known for being an antagonist on 'Glee' and now he will be a superpowered hero, alongside Oliver Queen. Talk about moving up in the world! It was announced back at the Television Critics Association Conference that The Flash would be introduced in an episode of 'Arrow' with the long-term goal of spinning 'Flash' into its own ongoing television series on The CW. Well the first stage of that plan is complete; now CW has to hope that fans take to the character well enough to justify another The Flashsuperhero series for the network. 

The CW is very interested in expanding the cast of DC Universe characters on their network, with news that the Golden Age version of The Black Canary will be appearing on 'Arrow' in the second season (joining the popular heroine The Huntress who has recurred already). With 'Flash,' however, CW is expanding into an all-new ongoing show which will be able to build up the 'Arrow' universe as a collective one. Not only is Oliver Queen's world expanding, but it would seem that honest-to-goodness superpowers are coming to Starling City. Up to this point, 'Arrow' hasn't featured any supernatural elements on the show. 

In the comic books, The Flash began as scientist Barry Allen, a man with a reputation for doing things slowly and meticulously before developing the power of super speed. In 'Arrow,' Barry Allen (Gustin) is a Central City assistant police forensic investigator who arrives in Starling to look into a series of unexplained robberies that may have a connection to a tragedy in his past. A comic book fan boy, Barry is obsessed with the Arrow unaware that working with Oliver and Felicity to solve the crime has brought him right into the dangerous world of the vigilante. 

Andrew Kreisberg (co-creator of 'Arrow') said last month that the actor who portrays Barry Allen will play him as “an ordinary man” when viewers meet him. “The character will be as grounded and realistic as possible,” he said. “That’s how we’ll get to know him. Then his life will get a bit faster.”

Do you think incorporating super-powers into the world of 'Arrow' will work? Or is this a misstep on behalf of The CW?


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Written by: bad_subject
Sep 14th, 2013, 6:46 am

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All i can say is they better give him a hell of a lot of snappy one-liners!


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I don't think the writer here realizes or even bothered to look up that there was a live-action Flash series in 1990-91 about Barry Allen, starring John W Shipp that ran for 1, 22-episode season. But then, who needs to reference an original series when you can waste your time referencing Glee?

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Well, it depends on if they don't go goofy (i.e. "Birds of Prey") and keep it grounded.  The problem with that was they got people who weren't comic book fans or even knowledgeable to head the show.  They thought that if they do flashy, slick-looking stuff that the fanboys would go nuts.  Who coulda thought that you need good writing and interesting characters and, oh yeah, don't MAKE UP CHARACTERS OUT OF WHOLE CLOTH TO BE YOUR LEAD. (the daughter of Batman and Catwoman...*groan*)  I think it'll be good to expand Arrow's universe 'cause Green Arrow DOES exist in a universe full of superpowers.  It adds another layer to see how he learns to cope with that.  I might be bias though since The Flash is my favorite DC character since I was a kid, so they automatically got ME excited. :-)  But, I was always hoping to see more DC characters in Smallville, even though they did eventually bring in a bunch, but most were villains.  Very excited to hear that they plan on spinning off Flash into his own series.  I hope this guy is good that they cast to portray him.  They have to make the character interesting and layered like they did Oliver Queen.  I suppose DC is good in one way that their characters are dynamic, but less fleshed out personality-wise than Marvel, so it leaves room to fill in who they are (or could be) when you do live-action versions.  Marvel REALLY goes into the psyche of their characters so they are a bit more...human and less archetypes.  Granted, I still love DC a bit more because of nostalgia and the vast number of characters, universe(s) and history.  But, my reasons are my own.

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