ABC Developing Present-Day Drama in Which America Lost The Revolutionary War


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What if the Nazis had won World War II? What if the Soviets had won the Cold War? What if America had lost the space race? Historical what-ifs have long been a popular topic in the world of film, but remain largely untested territory in the world of TV. While science fiction programs ('The Twilight Zone,' 'Quantum Leap,' 'Sliders', etc.) have occasionally dabbled in the world of alternate history, very few serialized drama series have tackled the subject. ABC will soon add a name to that short list, as the alphabet network is developing a present-day set drama series that takes place in a world where America lost the Revolutionary War to the British.

As first reported by Deadline, 'The Thirteen' is set (you guessed it) in the original thirteen American colonies. In this universe, while colonists lost their initial battle for independence, the quest to escape from under the thumb of British rule still continues. If you're unaware of the details of the actual Revolutionary War, well I don't know what to tell you, other than you're probably not old enough to be reading this website. The project itself is being guided by producer Allison Shearmur, who already sold an 'American Psycho' sequel series to FX earlier this week. The pilot for 'The Thirteen' will be penned by Jim Agnew and Sean Keller, screenwriters of the upcoming Nicolas Cage film 'Tokarev.'

What do you think the world would look like, if Britain had quashed the American Revolution?



Written by: msd85
Sep 14th, 2013, 7:53 pm

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Fair enough Vanaques. I didn't mean to be exclusionary. The short version is that in the 1760s, the residents of the original thirteen American colonies became disillusioned with British rule, specifically the fact that they were taxed heavily, but had no representation in the British parliament.  This sentiment grew into events like the famed 'Boston Tea Party', where entire shiploads of Tea were tossed into Boston Harbor. This caused a British crackdown on American self-government. Tensions rose until the actual war began in 1775. America declared independence in 1776, but the British kept up the fight until 1783. That's certainly a vast simplification of what happened though, if you want a full accounting, I'd suggest Googling 'American Revolutionary War'. There are many detailed articles available on the subject.


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Errr, conisdering that we gave our empire back to the local's, you probably would just become a member of the commonwealth under your own govenment, like Canada....and have free healthcare which is quite nice :)


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I've been saying for awhile now if the Britsh had won the Revolutionary war we would have universal heath care....


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@ Anonymous: "the worst place to live"..... Really!? I think there are are a few places worse to live I would say. A number of third world countrys spring to mind, or at the moment even spain and greece.

@ Michael Stevenson: "you're probably not old enough to be reading this website." While this would likely be true for 99% of your american readers, people from all over the world read this site. I for one only know the broad strokes of the events in the revolutionairy war.

Maybe a little background would have been nice for those who didn't get an in depth american history education in school.


That being said, I'd love to see what they come up with, the idea sounds interesting at the very least.


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for one I would be living in America and not England--the worst place to live

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Well, the idea seems good, but don't forget that it will be on ABC soooo.


Message Posted On Sep 14th, 2013, 10:19 pm
Love this idea. Can't wait..
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