Some respite for John Stamos' as his Tormentors Lose Appeal

john stamosJohn Stamos the star of shows like Glee, ER and Full House, can at long last rest easy. It turns out he was being blackmailed by the duo of 25 year old Allison Coss and 32 year old Scott Sippola, for an amount to the tune of  $680,000. It turns out the duo had certain photos of John, or rather they claimed that they had certain photos of John, which would embarrass him in the public domain, to no end. The photos the duo claimed were of John enjoying some cocaine and enjoying with some strippers, at a party in 2004. It was later revealed that, the duo did not actually have any photographs in the first place.

Later, on the testimony given by Stamos, the jury found the two guilty in 2010, and handed them a 4 year jail term in the federal penitentiary. It now turns out that, the duo who hail from Michigan had recently appealed against the four year jail term, which they lost, leading to them having to serve out the complete jail sentence initially handed out to them. According to the ruling, the challenge to the indictment brought by the attorneys for Allison Cross and Scott Sipolla, was denied by the federal appeals court in Cincinnati. The duo it seems came up with the argument that, they had owned up to their mistakes and hence deserved leniency.

Apparently, it did not cut ice with the trio of judges who were on the panel, as they possibly felt that the actions of the two blackmailers did not call for any leniency; hence the two were refused any reduction in jail time, and will thus have to spend the rest of their 4 year prison term, in the slammer. It would be interesting to note though, as to what John would have done, if the duo actually did have such photographs in their possession.

Source: EOnline

- John Stamos

Written by: jimmy478
Apr 18th, 2012, 11:56 pm

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