‘Supernatural’ Season 9 Trailer: Bobby’s Back and [SPOILER’S] Dying


‘Supernatural’ Season 9 Trailer: Bobby’s Back and [SPOILER’S] Dying


Deep breaths my ‘Supernatural’ fans, deep breaths. TVLine has just posted an exclusive trailer for Season 9 of ‘Supernatural,’ and all I have to say is you’re going to need to sit down when you watch it.

Not only does the trailer showcase some exciting details about the upcoming season, but it also drops one major bombshell. So, here we go…

At the very beginning of the video, Dean makes quite the statement to Sam, “Look, there’s no easy way to say this. Something happened back there at the church. You’re dying, Sam.” Dean continues to say, “You understand that we’re inside your head?" He then adds, "Just because you’re dying, doesn’t mean you’re dead. We’re gonna fight this.”

Whoa. Wait. What? Sam’s dying and they’re inside his head? According to the trailer, it looks that way. After this huge announcement, we then see flashes of Sam and Dean talking to everybody’s favorite demon, Crowley, Bobby providing some wisdom to Sam (Yay for Bobby being back!), Kevin (who we just spoke with yesterday) talking to Dean, a girl (played by 'The Vampire Diaries' Grace Phipps) attacking Castiel, Death welcoming Sam and much, much more!

If that doesn't interest you, which it strongly should, then maybe this heartfelt line said by Dean to Sam will draw you in, "There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you." Sigh -- who doesn't love their brotherly love?

Check out the trailer here. How do you think Dean will save Sam -- again? Are you excited for Bobby’s return?

‘Supernatural’ premieres Tuesday, Oct. 8 on The CW.

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Written by: akoerner
Sep 17th, 2013, 10:02 am

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