Producers of The New Charlie Sheen Show Sued for $50 million

charlie sheen picSome people just can’t seem to catch a break, some part of it might be their doing but for some part, they might not even have a hand. Something similar can be said about Charlie Sheen. First due to his differences with Chuck Lorre he parted ways with ‘Two and A Half Men’, then his personal life and his wild lifestyle came under severe public and media scrutiny, and now when Charlie seems to have gotten up, dusted himself and is once again good to go, it seems that he might get knocked down again, and this time believe it or not, for no fault of his. Even before his new show “Anger Management” has managed to hit the TV screens, it seems to already have garnered its fair share of trouble.

The production house Revolution Studios and the show’s producer Joe Roth are both being sued for an amount to the tune of $50 million. The complaint was filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court on April 18 a Wednesday. It is being claimed by Jason Shuman the complainant that, it was he who brought the idea to the show’s producer Joe Roth, back in 2008. A complaint of claims fraud, breach of contract and misconduct has been filed by Blue Star Entertainment along with Jason Shuman as the co-complainant. The show is scheduled to debut on FX, on June 28th. Shuman has gone so far as to claim that he was involved in the development of the project and actively so, right until the June of 2011. It was around this time that, Roth cut contact with him.

Then, Revolution made an announcement a month later that, they would possibly go ahead with making the series, and Charlie Sheen would play the lead. Revolution Studio in the meantime is yet to reveal its side of the story, and has till now maintained its silence.

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Apr 19th, 2012, 2:24 am

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