Dina Eastwood on a Show that’s not About Clint Eastwood

dina eastwoodWhen one hears that Dina Eastwood is going to be featured in a show, one automatically assumes that, it would have Clint Eastwood at least in a cameo appearance, or that it would be a show about Clint Eastwood and the star’s cinematic achievements. But this is where one would be wrong. Turns out, its Mrs. Eastwood’s time to shine, with her new show on E!, called Mrs. Eastwood & Company. The show will explore her various exploits and the various aspects of her life, but Mr. Eastwood shall be nowhere in sight, or rather, sighting him would just be incidental, and that too because she is married to Clint and happens to be living with him. 

Dina herself confirmed this, when she said that the show would look at her life as a mother, and also at the work she has been doing with the South African band called ‘Overtone’. The show, which is going to supposedly be unscripted, shall obviously see Clint in a few of its episodes, but that would be, as they say, purely incidental; as the show will in no way focus on her marriage of 16 years, to the legendary star. The show is slated to raise its curtains to the viewers on May 20th. She also confirms that, the legendary star/director was very supportive of her being a part of this show. She adds that, Clint is in no way of a controlling nature, and completely respects the kind of work she is doing with her South African band ‘Overtone’.

Her daughter and her stepdaughter would prominently feature in the show, as one aspect of the show is to highlight Dina’s role as a mother. It is interesting to note though that, if the producers didn’t really want to cash in on the Eastwood name and fame, they could have very well named the show Dina & Company.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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Written by: jimmy478
Apr 19th, 2012, 2:39 am