Mark Burnett Pitching 'Survivor'-Style Show in Space

Virgin Galactic's Suborbital Flight

Mark Burnett has his sights set on something big. The producer of numerous reality shows like ‘Shark Tank,’ and ‘The Voice,’ is not content with the exotic settings of Fiji or the Cook Islands, locations where he set his hit show ‘Survivor.’

According to TV Guide, Burnett is pitching a show where the winner would be given a ride on one of Virgin Galactic’s first suborbital space flights. A ticket on the flight is currently priced at $250,000.

Mark BurnettMuch like ‘Survivor,’ the reality show would put contestants up against one another to compete for the grand prize. The nature of these competitions has not been detailed, however, it is possible that the challenges will be similar to ones that astronauts undergo prior to space travel.

Burnett tried to pitch a show called ‘Destination Mir’ back in 2000, which would have featured competitions similar to cosmonaut training, for a chance to win travel to the Russian space station. Unfortunately the space station, which had been in service in a low orbit since 1986, was brought down shortly after in 2001.     

Virgin Galactic is founded by billionaire Sir Richard Branson, who plans on taking the first flight with his family on Christmas day this year. The flight will quickly reach a speed of over three times the speed of sound, and travel to a height of 62 miles above the earth’s surface where passengers will experience weightlessness.

Would you be interested in a reality show based on space travel? If they don't call it Space Odyssey, they're missing out...


- Mark Burnett
- Richard Branson

Written by: Robert_Steele
Sep 19th, 2013, 7:29 pm

Images courtesy of Virgin Galactic and Steve Sands


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