'Breaking Bad' Writer Talks 'Granite State,' Finale Set-Up

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'Breaking Bad' is hurtling toward its final episode now; only five days separate us from the end of Walter White's epically tragic tale. But let's not get our sights so set on the finale that we overlook "Granite State," the understated penultimate episode of the series. Because, honestly, it stands right up there with "Ozymandias" as one of the series' finest offerings. Though it didn't feature the same level of shock value as previous episodes, it managed to put pieces in place for the finale in a way that was both satisfying and riveting. 

Writer Peter Gould, who penned the episode, recently chatted with Entertainment Weekly about his views on the episode. Here's the most interesting tidbit: the writers considered ending the series with Walt alone in that cabin, dying. 

"...part of the flirtation for the episode, if you didn’t know there was another episode left to come, I was really hoping that you would watch the episode and say, 'This is the end? It’s going to end not with a bang but a whimper? Where’s Heisenberg?'" Gould said. But since the show didn't end -- since the next week promises that he'll be picking up a massive gun and returning to New Mexico to (presumably) kick some ass, does this mean that we've seen the return of Heisenberg? 

Not quite, Gould says. 

"I can tell you the way I saw it: The way I see it is that Heisenberg is gone. He keeps trying to kind of evoke the ghost of Heisenberg, the thrill of feeling powerful, and it’s not there. It’s gone. It died when Hank died. It’s just not there. It died when he saw baby Holly. And then in the end, what is happening in my mind, and obviously we’re leaving it up to the audience to some extent, in my mind, what’s happening is he’s becoming something new. And it’s not Walter White; It’s not Heisenberg; it’s something new." 

So who is this new persona? Who is Mr. Lambert? "We’ll find out what that is in the next episode," Gould says. 

You can check out the rest of the interview over at Entertainment Weekly

'Breaking Bad' returns for its series finale, "Felina," Sunday, Sept. 29 at 9/8c on AMC. 

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Message Posted On Sep 28th, 2013, 11:29 pm
Walter White's Character is Study of How Pride is the Penultimate Driving Force of Humanity. Pride drives all other sins; such as Greed is Rooted in Pride. As with Walter White it is his desire to since he screwed up and let his pride cost him a Billion dollar company in Grey Matter, he now has to go on this Drug Cooking/Dealing/Crime Spree to GIVE his Family the Good Life. As when Walter was at the Bar after talking to Walt Jr, Walt had given up and was awaiting the police to show up UNTIL he saw on the TV his Former Grey Matter Partners discussing How Walt had hardly any input into the start of that company, they said W@alt ONLY came u with the Name Grey Matter. It was this Marginalizing that Walter White let PRIDE again RULE his actions. Deciding to fight back and hence this next and last Episode. Breaking Bad is yes a Study of Pride. And that Pride permeates society currently in all our Ills, if society doesn't get a handle on this Human Pride we are doomed.

Message Posted On Sep 26th, 2013, 4:18 pm
Walter White is sometimes viewed as a kind of a simple character, like Heizenberg or a broken guy in the mountains, but he's not that simple. In most of the blogs he's depicted as some kind of evil. The way I see him is a complicated personality, all kind of traits are there: fighting the bad guys (other drug dealers); protecting his family; protecting his friends; trying to make a name for himself; trying to make some money (overdid in that department, just like he overdid in the other departments as well); has a methodical core (often misconstrued as bad or manipulative); the list goes on. On the other had Jessy Pinkman is a really simple character: a short sighted junkie, seeing everybody only in two ways (good or bad). Always being manipulated. What I am missing is the current status of Walter's health. Does he really have only a short time to live or he just whimps around while his spirits are down in the exile. Based on his condition the actions will follow.
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