‘30 Rock’s’ Alec Baldwin for Congress?

Alec Baldwin via Washington PostThe ‘30 Rock’ actor Alec Baldwin’s increasingly entertaining jokes about running for political office have transformed from a running joke to possibly the real deal.

Many skeptics believe regardless of the political opportunity Baldwin runs for there would be controversy. The Long Island, N.Y., native has had a messy divorce from actress Kim Basinger, a recent run-in with American Airlines and his often unfiltered comments about the Republican Party, which is often blamed on having a temper.

Baldwin is also known for being extremely sharp, quick and incredibly knowledgeable, which all aid in being a strong debater and politician.   

A friend of Baldwin recently admited he has no interest in running for governor or New York Mayor, that Baldwin would much for prefer a platform in Congress.

Regardless of if Baldwin runs for political office after his contract with ‘30 Rock’ is over in 2013, we can assume, that like ’30 Rock’, it would be very entertaining.



Source: Chicago Sun-Times

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Written by: AnaEmbry
Apr 19th, 2012, 8:57 am

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