‘Arrow’ EXCLUSIVE: Celina Jade Talks Shado and Oliver's Connection


‘Arrow’ EXCLUSIVE: Celina Jade Talks Shado, Oliver and the Island’s Pirates


The CW’s second season of ‘Arrow’ is closely upon us! The first season delivered action, romance, stunts, thrilling storylines and strong connections. Well, what can we expect from this season? I recently spoke with Celina Jade, who plays Shado, a love interest to Stephen Amell’s Oliver on the island. She divulged what she was allowed to about the sophomore season, especially regarding the Oliver and Shado front. Here’s what she had to say.

TVRage: Season 1 of ‘Arrow,’ was a big hit. Just as much as I love seeing Oliver in present day, I love his story on the island, especially with your character, Shado, who had a great impact on Oliver last season. With that said, what can we expect from Shado this season?
Celina Jade: Well, if you thought that she had a big impact on Oliver last season, you’ll see that this season’s going to be even bigger. Yeah, it’s cool. Last season was more of an introduction of Shado’s character into the island, and we see that she trained Oliver. This season, we’re going to concentrate more on the relationship between Oliver, Shado, as well as Slade. Actually, when Season 2 starts, five months has already passed. As you can see from the sizzle reel, Oliver and Shado are already a thing. Season 2’s very much going to build into how does their relationship affect Slade and their teamwork on the island.

Honestly, I’m finding out the script you know as we’re shooting along, and even I myself as a reader am quite surprised at what happens. So, definitely the producers have got me guessing into all this. It’s really cool. There’s a lot of twists and turns and definitely huge arcs in the story. Recently, I think they’ve also come up with a big spoiler, which is pirates, but that’s all we can say. We’re hinting at pirates, and I’m a big pirate junkie, so I like it.

‘Arrow’ EXCLUSIVE: Celina Jade Talks Shado, Oliver and the Island’s PiratesTVRage: I have to say, you have a tough job working with such good-looking men everyday, especially as the only female on the island. What’s it like working with Stephen [Amell/Oliver Queen] and Manu [Bennett/Slade Wilson]?
Jade: It’s really cool. They’re both very, very different in character, but they’re both very nice. It’s a good trio, and I do enjoy it. Manu cracks me up...He’s definitely super tough...Actually, every time before we actually roll cameras and shoot, you will see him doing 10, 20 push-ups on the ground, and then, sprinting around to get himself hyped up, because he’s a method actor. It really cracks me up, because I remember the first time I was on set. You know, he started doing push-ups, and then, Stephen started...working out, and I’m thinking, “hell, should I be doing sit-ups?” You know, just to fit in with their energy, because there’s so much testosterone. It’s definitely funny, and Manu is super, super friendly, and Stephen’s also a really good guy. He’s definitely leading us in the group, taking care of us whenever there are stunts he’s nice to mention be careful of rocks, and he gives me a lot of good advice. Even though he plays Oliver who’s not very trained on the island, at the same time he’s playing the Arrow in present day. It’s quite tiring pulling a bow and holding it while people are having a long conversation. He’s very good at giving advice, in terms of how to make things a little easier for me.

TVRage: Do you do all of your own stunts?
Jade: Well, I don’t do everything, but I do most of the fighting. There are definitely some falls and stuff that I have a stunt double do for me. She’s really incredible. ‘Arrow’ -- the production -- is really safe. They’re not going to take any risks, because if anybody gets injured everything stops. … In Asia, I’m used to doing all of my own stunts, so having somebody here is a little different, but I really appreciate that. You know, they're so protective over their artists.

TVRage: Why do you think Oliver and Shado connect so much?
Jade: Shado and Oliver definitely connect because they’ve both lost their father. For Shado, she definitely feels guilty for her father’s death -- that she couldn’t do anything at the time and that she felt helpless and she didn’t manage to save her father. … I also think their connection comes from Oliver [saving] Yao Fei, and Yao Fei [saving] Oliver … Before Shado came to the island, and even though she believed her father was innocent, there was a part of her that was worried that her father might have changed, because of the island [and] to become somebody bad. Oliver gave her that hope or that faith that her father was a good person [and] remained a good person. … The fact that he’s [Oliver] given her faith that no, your father’s a good person, helped her give him faith in turn that he would be able to find the strength within him to fight and survive on the island.

TVRage: Do you think Oliver might make a connection between Shado and Laurel, because they’re both lawyers, right?
Jade: Yeah, I can see that. I think for him the connection is also that she does remind of Laurel. She’s strong, she used to be a lawyer, and I’m sure he has a lot of regret.

TVRage: Speaking of an Oliver and Shado connection. I’m curious. Shado and Oliver share the same tattoo. What’s that all about?
Jade: I don’t even know yet!‘Arrow’ EXCLUSIVE: Celina Jade Talks Shado, Oliver and the Island’s Pirates

TVRage: Do you suspect anything?
Jade: I don’t know. What I don’t get, which I look forward to, is where do they find a tattoo parlor? That’s what I’m curious about.

TVRage: You’ve already touched on Shado’s father’s death. It’ obviously going to affect her, but are we going to see how it affects her this season?
Jade: I can’t really say. Yeah, that’s not something I can really say right now. Sorry (laughs).

TVRage: This might seem like a far leap, but will your character ever show up in Starling City?
Jade: I think everything is possible on TV (laughs). I think it’d be really, really cool if she showed up in the present day. How she show’s up there is going to take a lot of creativity, but I must say that ‘Arrow’ writers do not lack at all in creativity. So, I think everything is possible.

TVRage: Lastly, what other scoop can you give us about this season?
Jade: This season you’re going to see them go more towards the superhero kind of direction. You’ll see them start introducing a lot of different superheroes and these bad guys -- names that [comic book lovers] know from the comic books. … It’s going to be a concoction of all the superheroes. It’s going to be really, really cool for all the comic book lovers.

‘Arrow’ Season 2 premieres Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 8/7c on The CW.

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Message Posted On Sep 26th, 2013, 8:05 am
Whole Arrow problem is he becomes a Psychopath overnight. You don't go from spoiled rich boy to cold hard killer overnight. And you ALWAYS feel the consequences of those deaths. Batman had the Dexter thing going for him, traumatic event at an early age. Queen didn't. Best thing is they have a large story arc, seasonal and beyond. Most television doesn't take the time to establish a season arc. Strike Back does this. As long as the "filler" episodes aren't crap, the big problem with long season tv, there is nothing to detract.
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