'Mistresses' Renewed by ABC




Despite only attaining average-decent ratings during its recently finished summer run, ABC's four favorite 'Mistresses' will be returning to...wreck more homes I guess?

Starring Alyssa Milano ('Charmed'), Rochelle Aytes ('Detroit 187'), Jes Maccallan ('Justified'), and Yunjin Kim ('Lost'), as the titular mistresses, the series is an adaptation of a short-lived British drama of the same name that aired on BBC One from 2008-2010. The first season premiered on June 3, to pretty soft numbers. While things did get a bit better ratings wise as the season went on, the season capper on Sept. 9 still only drew a 1.3 demo and four million viewers. The deciding factor here has to be the summer season's lowered expectations. No way does a 1.3 rated fall drama get renewed.

'Mistresses' has been heavily compared to Lifetime's 'Devious Maids,' which also revolves around the complicated personal lives of a group of attractive female friends. 'Maids' also premiered in June, and wrapped up in September. The head-to-head match-up is actually very close, with 'Maids' drawing similar demo and total viewer numbers. 'Maids' has also been picked up for a second summer season, and critics seem to largely prefer it to 'Mistresses' so far. Let round two commence!

All 13 season one episodes of 'Mistresses' are currently available to stream on both Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus. No date for the DVD release has been announced yet, although I'd expect it to end up being in April or May.

- Mistresses (US)

Written by: msd85
Sep 26th, 2013, 10:29 am

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