ABC Teams with Sasha Spielberg & Rashida Jones for New Sitcom

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Proving the apple doesn't far from the tree (and that nepotism is still pretty rampant in Tinseltown), Sasha Spielberg, along with with friend Emily Goldwyn, will write the new sitcom 'Girls Without Boys' for ABC, according to Deadline. Spielberg is, of course, the spawn of some director named Steven, and Goldwyn is daughter of producer John Goldwyn (her grandfather is also the "G" in MGM).

The premise of the show is described as being about "three brilliant but socially challenged girls" who must "navigate the world outside of single sex education with the help of their eccentric teachers and parents." The sitcom is based "loosely" on Spielberg's and Goldwyn's experience at the prestigious Marlborough School in L.A. Apparently the girls received a top-rate education, but learned nothing about talking to boys. Even if your last name is Spielberg, I guess that's a raw deal.

The sitcom is also tied to another daughter of Hollywood royalty: Rashida Jones, whose famous father is Quincy Jones. Jones will executive-produce along with her producing parnter, Will McCormack.

Jones seems to be on a roll recently with this producing thing. In addition to 'Girls Without Boys,' she's also sold the pilot 'Stuck' to FOX as well as 'The Revengers' (formerly titled the much better 'Ladyballs') to The CW.

As far as we know, Jones won't be starring in 'Girls Without Boys,' or any of her other pilots, but fans of the funny lady can still catch her while they can on 'Parks and Recreation': she's set to leave the series, along with Rob Lowe, on the show's thirteenth episode.

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Sep 26th, 2013, 12:30 pm

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