EXCLUSIVE: Mark Pellegrino Talks ‘The Tomorrow People,’ Playing a Villain


EXCLUSIVE: Mark Pellegrino Talks ‘The Tomorrow People,’ Playing a Villain


Mark Pellegrino is known for playing the bad guy. From ‘Supernatural’ to ‘Dexter’ to ‘Revolution,’ the successful TV actor has made a name for himself as the villain, and this fall he’s continuing that evil streak on The CW’s new show ‘The Tomorrow People.’ The reboot series tells the story of a group of young people who represent the next stage of human evolution, in addition to possessing special powers, like teleporting and telepathy. Yesterday, I spoke with Pellegrino to not only discuss his new role and show, but to talk about his portrayal of Lucifer on ‘Supernatural.’ Here’s what he had to say.

TVRage: First things first, let’s talk ‘The Tomorrow People.’ What can you tell us about your character?
Mark Pellegrino: My character is Dr. Jedikiah Price, and I am the head of an agency called Ultra, who seems to be dedicated to the proposition of wiping out the Tomorrow People. As far as I’m concerned, they are a threat to the surrounding humanity.

EXCLUSIVE: Mark Pellegrino Talks ‘The Tomorrow People,’ Playing a VillainTVRage: So, do you see him as evil, or as someone who is trying to do the right thing?
Pellegrino: I definitely see him as a guy doing very difficult things, but sometimes appear bad on the surface in order to protect the humanity, which is apparently what I’m feeling. So, I think I’m kind of an ends justify the means kind of character.

TVRage: Now, not only is your character out to protect the human race, but your character is the uncle to the main character, Stephen Jameson (Robbie Amell), who also happens to be one of the “Tomorrow People.” How’s that going to play out?
Pellegrino: Well, I can’t tell you the details, but it definitely gets very, very complicated, because Stephen is trying to bridge the gap between two different worlds basically. He’s discovering the level of his own powers and how to use them appropriately and try to negotiate his way through Ultra, and with his new family, the Tomorrow People -- it’s a pretty difficult proposition. It’s hard to know whether Jedikiah’s using Stephen, or whether there’s a familial connection between the two that Jedikiah feels and is really trying to keep and is really trying to maintain.

TVRage: I have to say you’re very good at playing the bad guy, which we saw in ‘Revolution,’ ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Dexter.’ Do you prefer to play the villain?
Pellegrino: I do like that, and villains nowadays are so complicated that it’s difficult to tell whether they’re villains or not sometimes. The villain is exciting. The villain propels the story along and forces the potential heroes to become heroes, because they have to react to the value that he’s going for. It’s nice playing people who are smarter than you in life, and more passionate than you in real life (laughs) and who are a little less inhibited about the way in which they do things. So, you get a chance to kind of let your id play a little bit without any actual repercussions.

TVRage: I first became a huge fan of yours during ‘Supernatural,’ where you played Lucifer. Did you like playing Lucifer?
Pellegrino: Yeah, I did. I like it alot.

TVRage: What did you like about it?
Pellegrino: I liked that Lucifer, particularly in the beginning, how he was the only person who told the truth. Well, not the only person, but like the angel who told the truth. He never lied or misled anybody. He said it like it was, because there’s a tremendous case against God. It’s not so hard to say, “Well, look at this and look at this and look at this. Do you still have faith? Do you still want to believe or do you want to follow what I’m saying, because what I’m saying is evidence.” He did it with a sense of humor and a gleefulness. … I like villains that are complicated like that, and sometimes laugh -- you laugh with them. I like that.

EXCLUSIVE: Mark Pellegrino Talks ‘The Tomorrow People,’ Playing a VillainTVRage: Did you have a favorite scene?
Pellegrino: The whole first season of that for me was pretty fun, where Lucifer was on the rampage. One of my favorite scenes, oddly enough, was when I was Nick [and] Lucifer came to me in the form of my wife to make the case to take over my body. It was so compelling and so tragic, but really fun and meaty and so honest.

TVRage: You’re someone who is repeatedly recognized for your TV roles, including Jacob on ‘Lost’ and Lucifer on ‘Supernatural.’ What is it about acting for TV that you love?
Pellegrino: I like the quickness of it. I like that TV now is very sophisticated and so you get to play parts that are not stereotypes anymore. So often in things, like ‘Lost’ especially, you’re basically producing a feature every eight or nine days. It has that level of technical prowess and depth of script to it that it’s like doing a lot of movies. … The only downside is you don’t have a lot of time. It’s nice to work fast in one respect, but it’s also tough because you don’t get the depth of how much you’d like to put into something. It’s surprising how fast they do TV shows that you get the amount of humanity and depth and great stuff that’s out there now. I like doing a feature every week. It’s great.

TVRage: One last question -- what are you most excited for people to see on ‘The Tomorrow People’?
Pellegrino: What I really love about this show is it’s intricacy and complexity of character. It mixes some very serious themes with kids coming into themselves and alienation and family loyalties and jealousies and love -- it mixes all these themes together with humor, which I love. When things get really serious, and then the punchline is something funny, and it’s really, really nice. I think people are going to be really, really drawn into that story the way they are with ‘Supernatural.’ It’s two brothers and it’s about their love for eachother and family and in the end it’s about family, in these rather extraordinary circumstances. Plus, there’s some amazing fights in this [and] the special effects are pretty awesome. 

Be sure to tune into ‘The Tomorrow People’ Season 1 premiere Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 9/8c on The CW and see Pellegrino in action. He also revealed that he’d be up for returning to ‘Supernatural.' Who’s ready for a Lucifer, Sam and Dean reunion?

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Although I enjoy shows with abilities like The 4400 & Heroes, I do find from first glance that it's very similar to Heroes in maybe too many aspects.

Pellegrino's character marks a striking comparison to the character Noah Bennet. He's running an agency wiping out people with powers and he's an end justifies the means type character. He also gets conflicted when his daughter Claire (In the Tomorrow People the Nephew) has powers and it starts to pull him in both directions of loyalty. 

However, I'm adding the show to my TVRage I'd like it to completely change my opinion. I for one am really looking forward to his return as Lucifier.

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