Joel Fry Cast in Key 'Game of Thrones' Role


Joel Fry


One of the final pieces of the puzzle has been added. Fans of George R. R. Martin's 'Game of Thrones' book series have reason to be excited: Hizdahr zo Loraq is appearing in the fourth season, and he will be played by British actor Joel Fry. 

Fry has been appearing on television since the mid 00's, with his noteworthy roles including 'Massive,' 'No Signal,' 'Plebs' and 'Trollied.' Fry also appeared in the feature film '10,000 B.C.' Physically, Fry seems to fit the description of Hizdahr from the novels, which describe him as tall and slender, with flawless amber skin. No word yet on whether or not HBO's version of Hizdahr will have his hair craftedEmilia Clarke into wings, as described in Martin's texts. 

HBO is describing Fry's role as "a young scion of an ancient Meereenese family who crosses paths with Daenerys Targaryen." Daenerys is played by the talented Emilia Clarke who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series at last week's Primetime Emmy Awards. Targaryen is one of the focal points of the entire series, hinting that Fry's Hizdahr could be of some significant importance to the show in season four. 

Hizdahr zo Loraq is a slave-trader from the city of Meereen, on the coast of Slaver's Bay. Hizdahr is also a scion from the House of Loraq, because apparently Westeros didn't have enough rival houses to keep track of already. 

The fourth season of 'Game of Thrones' will debut in March of 2014. 

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