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Rob Riggle on Modern Family


As the saying goes, every mildly successful feature film gets a sequel, these days. Well, now we can also say that every hit show gets a spin-off. Spin-offs like 'The Originals' on The CW are only the beginning; as of this writing, there are spin-off series in development for the shows 'NCIS,' 'Supernatural,' 'Breaking Bad' and others. Well, now we can add 'Modern Family' to that list, as executive producers Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh are developing a script based on Gil Thorpe, the abrasive real estate agent played by Rob Riggle. 

Gil Thorpe only appeared in a couple episodes of 'Modern Family,' but he certainly left an impression. Riggle’s Gil Thorpe is Southern California’s most successful real estate agent and rival of Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell) who briefly employed Phil’s wife Claire (Julie Bowen). The character's penchant for inserting his own name into words--such as Thorpedoed or Gil pickles--became an instant meme with fans online. It seems that blow-hard supporting characters will be all the rage next year, when you compare this project to 'Better Call Saul,' the 'Breaking Bad' spin-off about the comic relief sleaze-ball Saul Goodman. 

Details of the spin-off remain sketchy, as Corrigan and Walsh remain in the planning stages. 'Modern Family' co-creator Steve Levitan would also be involved in the spin-off in some capacity. At this point, I imagine that ABC would allow Levitan to do whatever he wanted; 'Modern Family' is a consistent ratings draw which just won its fourth Best Comedy Series Primetime Emmy Award in a row. Corrigan and Walsh have been a writing team since they met in NYU film school and together they wrote the 'Modern Family' episode 'Career Day,' which featured Riggle's Gil Thorpe. 

What do you think, 'Modern Family' fans? Are you ready to get Thorpedoed?

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Written by: bad_subject
Sep 28th, 2013, 5:51 am

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Is Thorpe secretly the President of the Navy?



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Hmmm, this really could be a winner if they keep the main MF cast out of it. Riggle has been great in his guest appearances, and a show centered on Thorpe's life has a lot of potential. That said, if they tie it too closely to its progenitor, it will probably fail. Most spin-offs that have been successful tend to create their own style. Frasier is a very different show than Cheers. A Different World is a very different show than The Cosby Show. Etc.


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Sounds like Breaking Bad's and Modern Family's spin-offs are gonna be quite alike. Didn't see that coming!

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