WATCH: 'The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror XXIV Opening by Guillermo del Toro


Treehouse of Horror XXIV


This video is the best thing I've seen in a while. 

Leading up to this weekend's annual Treehouse of Horror episode on FOX's legendary animated comedy 'The Simpsons,' writers and producers reached out to filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. What could del Toro do for them? They wanted him to come up with a couch gag for Treehouse of Horror XXIV--hey, 'The Simpsons' has had over 530 couch gags, I don't blame them for needing a little outside input at this point. 

So did del Toro deliver? Oh, he did far more than that; del Toro gave them an entire opening sequence, filled with more homages to classic horror than I could count (even after several rewatchings). There's the classic Universal cast of monsters (including Frankenstein's monster, the invisible man and others), references to Lovecraft's classic horror stories, and even an appearance of the car from 'The Car,' running down Milhouse above. Del Toro, who is responsible for several monsters of his own, includes some of his own projects in the video--I spotted creatures from 'Pan's Labyrinth' and 'Hellboy' (a comic character del Toro adapted for film). 

Del Toro is presently working on another television project, an adaptation of 'The Strain,' a series of novels cowritten by the filmmaker. 'The Strain' stars Sean Astin (from 'The Lord of the Rings' films) and John Hurt ('Alien') in a quasi-scientific reimagining of a zombie plot. Del Toro also recently curated a collection of horror books for Penguin, complete with cover designs and introductions for each. The man is in high demand, to say the least.

Here is the opening, below. 'The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror XXIV will air on Sunday, Oct. 6, 2013 on FOX. Which is your favorite reference? I'm sure you'll catch some that I missed. 


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- Guillermo del Toro

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Oct 3rd, 2013, 7:58 pm

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Message Posted On Oct 11th, 2013, 6:49 am
After Lovecraft and Poe, there's Ray Bradbury and the Illustrated Man, then the man with gray hair and beard has GOT to be Richard Matheson

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Message Posted On Oct 5th, 2013, 8:30 am

Cthulhu and Lovecraft in there as well, chilling with Poe and the raven.



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Message Posted On Oct 4th, 2013, 7:14 am

Wow. Seriously, wow. I'm nearly speechless.

That was amazingly well done. My favorite was probably the random appearance by Stephen King.

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