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HBO Drama Focuses on Supreme Court Appeal Clay v. United States

Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight

Instead of another sports movie based on the greatest pugilist of all time, tomorrow HBO will air a courtroom drama based on Muhammad Ali going toe-to-toe with the U.S. Supreme Court.

Ali outside the courtroom interviewed by the pressClay v. United States is the name of the appeal case where Ali challenged his draft dodging conviction. Following Ali's draft to the war in Vietnam, he refused to join the armed services on the grounds that it was against his Islamic religion’s beliefs. He was convicted of draft dodging, and as a result, The New York State Athletic Boxing Commission stripped Ali of his World Heavyweight title, and issued a ban against him boxing.

The cast for ‘Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight’ includes three veteran actors playing justices of the court: Christopher Plummer, Frank Langella, and Danny Glover. Shawn Slovo (‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’) wrote the screenplay for the drama, directed by Stephen Frears (‘The Grifters,’ ‘High Fidelity’).

It is worth noting that no actors will play Ali in the film. Instead archival footage will be used in places where Ali speaks his own defense. Frears told TV Guide, “why cast an actor when Ali tells the story so well himself?"

The film was originally screened at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. It terms of its focus on the verdict, ‘Greatest Fight’ has been compared to the classic, ’12 Angry Men.’

HBO will air ‘Greatest Fight’ Saturday, Oct. 5 at 8/7c. Check out the teaser below.

Will you be tuning in to watch the ‘Greatest Fight’ tomorrow?

- Christopher Plummer
- Frank Langella
- Danny Glover
- Stephen Frears
- Muhammad Ali
- Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight

Written by: Robert_Steele
Oct 4th, 2013, 6:09 am

Images courtesy of HBO and Ed Kolenovsky

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