Kathy Griffin Premieres New Show Tonight on Bravo

Buckle up celebrities, reality stars, and politicians alike, you are about to go for a bit of a ride.  Kathy Griffin, known for her candid and harpooning style of telling it like it is, premieres her new talk show tonight on Bravo."Kathy" premieres tonight on Bravo starring Kathy Griffin and her mom, Maggie.

 The new show, entitled simply, “Kathy,” promises to be a departure from the celebrity interviewing, advice wielding talk show, with celebrities not even welcome as guests.  Griffin explained the absence of star power on her new show to Bravo boss and host extraordinaire, Andy Cohen during the “Watch What Happens Live: All Stars” episode by simply stating, “I’d rather talk behind their backs.” 

With thirteen comedy specials on Bravo since 2005 and a former hit reality show, “My Life on the D List,” Griffin has certainly found a home at Bravo, and a successful one at that.  Nominated for all six years of her show’s run and winning two of them, Griffin clearly knows how to gain an audience and keep them coming back for more.  Which is why, perhaps, the network decided to give the comedienne Bravo’s only other talk show besides WWHL.

So what can we expect from “Kathy?” Apparently nothing is off limits on the show in which Griffin plans to discuss and, if necessary, “call out” the week’s events. The audience should expect a lot of celebrity smack talking and politician fun poking in true Kathy Griffin style, no punches pulled. Let us not forget that no good talk show is without their trusty sidekick who, in this case, comes in the form of Griffin’s ninety-one year old boxed wine addicted mother.   

Whether you are in the mood tonight for a good old fashion roasting, of sorts, or just want companionship for consuming your own box of wine, you may want to tune in at 10:00pm to check out “Kathy.”


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Apr 19th, 2012, 1:30 pm


Message Posted On Apr 21st, 2012, 4:21 am
those who know know the true star is Maggie!
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