FOX Decides Not to Air 'Murder Police'


Murder Police


The TV business is a fickle mistress, and nowhere is that more true than FOX, the network famous for the amount of good series it has canceled abruptly. Granted, we don't know if 'Murder Police' was a good series, seeing as FOX pulled the plug on it before a single episode made air. Starring the voices of series co-creator Jason Ruiz, Will Sasso (Mad TV), Chi McBride (Pushing Daisies), and Jane Lynch (Glee), 'Murder Police' centered around a well-meaning but inept detective and his colleagues at a big city precinct.

Designed as a satire of the cop show genre, 'Murder Police' was bought by FOX after executives were impressed by a short pilot presentation by the creators. Unfortunately, network brass were displeased with the early cuts of full-length episodes, and have opted not to grant the series its previously promised spot on the 2014 mid-season schedule. The series is not quite dead however, as FOX plans to go forward with production on their 13 episode order, then shop the series to cable. Adult Swim would seem like the obvious choice, as they already air re-runs of FOX animated programs like 'Family Guy,' 'American Dad,' and 'Bob's Burgers.'

Part of me wonders if FOX decided to scrap this series due to its clear similarities to the premise of the recently debuted Andy Samberg comedy 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine.' I mean, does one network really need two cop show spoofs at the same time? Of course, that's just speculation on my part.

Should FOX have given 'Murder Police' a chance?

- Murder Police

Written by: msd85
Oct 9th, 2013, 1:29 pm

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