HBO's 'The Money' Pilot Casts Big Names


Billy Magnussen


David Milch, the man behind the acclaimed HBO series 'Deadwood,' is bringing 'The Money' to HBO--and he's bringing some big-name friends along for the ride. 

Described as a drama about wealth and corruption among the USA's super-elite, 'The Money' pilot has just added Billy Magnussen (pictured above) in a series regular role. Magnussen won the role of Greg Castman — the middle, and favorite, child of mogul/patriarch James Castman (played by series lead Brendan Gleeson), who wields power and influence to expand his media empire and control his clan. Magnussen recently appeared in two episodes of the third season of the hit drama 'Boardwalk Empire,' as well as in the festival feature film 'The East.' 

Rosemary HarrisJoining Magnussen in 'The Money' is Rosemary Harris, an actress best Mamie Gummerknown to the younger generation as Aunt May from the Tobey Maguire/Sam Raimi trilogy of 'Spider-Man' feature films. Harris has been cast in the recurring role of Ellen Knox, the sharp, fearless, and funny mother of James Castman’s wife Ruth (played by the previously-cast Laila Robins). Harris' recent television work includes an appearance on 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.' But wait! There's more! Joining Harris is Mamie Gummer, who plays Nancy on the critically-acclaimed drama 'The Good Wife.' Gummer will recur as Tricia Castman, who comes from old New York money and is married to John Castman (played by the previously-cast Patrick Kennedy). John Kennedy is James and Ruth's loyal son and a lieutenant in the Castman empire. 

So we've already got some recognizable faces... how about adding Ray Liotta? 

Ray LiottaThe Golden Globe-nominated actor has signed on to recur in 'The Money' Nathan Laneas wealthy, entitled, untouchable Wall Street tycoon George Archer. Liotta has recently appeared in the feature films 'The Devil's in the Details,' 'Pawn' and 'Suddenly,' but he remains best known for his starring turn in 1990's 'Goodfellas.' Liotta joins fellow Golden Globe-nominee Nathan Lane in 'The Money,' where Lane will play Gordon McCarren, a reporter for VistaCorp’s New York Herald who’s job is on the line and is desperate to confirm a hot scoop. Lane has recently been appearing on 'Modern Family' as well as on 'The Good Wife' alongside Gummer. 

Add each of these names to Patrick Kennedy, Dominique McElligott and Laila Robins, all cast weeks ago, and 'The Money' is pulling together one hell of a cast. HBO certainly seems to adhere to the 1990s mantra of "go big or go home." 


- Rosemary Harris
- Billy Magnussen
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- Ray Liotta
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- The Money (2014)

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Oct 10th, 2013, 7:51 am

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Message Posted On Oct 11th, 2013, 3:28 pm
i'm interested, don't get me wrong. i mean, with a cast like that it could be quite compelling. having said that however, i wonder.. do we really need *another* serial drama about old, rich, white american families slugging it out for supremacy? ...a preposterous question to ponder, i know, but i think it needs to be asked. Those of us who live across the pond and enjoy a wide range of international television are well aware of the peculiar brand of whitewashing that occasionally rears its ugly head, and I suspect many of us may well end up discarding this onto the "another tawdry show about WASP's" pile, should it turn into another one of 'those' shows. Hope not though, as I quite like the look of it so far!!

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Message Posted On Oct 10th, 2013, 10:39 am

Good stuff. Can't wait! :)

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