EXCLUSIVE: Tyler Elliot Burke Talks ‘Hostages,’ Dylan McDermott’s ‘Cool’ Factor


EXCLUSIVE: Tyler Elliot Burke Talks ‘Hostages,’ Dylan McDermott’s ‘Cool’ Factor


One of CBS’ new hit fall dramas is ‘Hostages,’ starring Dylan McDermott, Toni Collette and Tate Donovan, but the show isn’t all about these three talented actors. The drama features several young actors, and I recently had the pleasure of talking with one of them: Tyler Elliot Burke. He plays Boyd, boyfriend to Morgan (Quinn Shephard) and somewhat of a pest to McDermott’s lead character, Duncan Carlisle.

Even though Burke had to stay “hush-hush” on some details, like how many more episodes we’ll actually see Boyd appear in, he was able to dish some scoop about the show and working with such a great cast. Here’s what he had to say.

TVRage: I’m wondering, how do you think Boyd will factor into the whole hostage scenario?
Tyler Elliot Burke: So far, Boyd is kind of a nuisance to Dylan McDermott’s character, Duncan. He’s kind of like a fly who just comes by his house, like in episode three, and Duncan swats him away. So, Boyd doesn’t know what’s going on. He knows that something’s up, and he wants to get to the bottom of it and figure out exactly what’s going on with his girlfriend -- the girl that he’s in love with [and] the girl that he thinks is the love of his life.

I love my storyline, because I find it a bit different from the rest of the show where every character is somehow politically involved and has these conspiracies planned that are either for money or whatever, and Boyd is this kid and he’s like “What the hell is going on? I just want to be with my girlfriend.” I think it adds a really nice balance to the heavy, heavy political drama that’s in most of the show. It [brings] a more relatable element to it. I’m sure not everyone watching is involved with politics, or is some kind of assassin, but I’m sure most people watching are in a relationship -- or have been in a relationship. They can relate to that.

TVRage: You touched on Boyd’s scene with Duncan, which has probably been the most exciting scene, so far, that Boyd has had. How is it working with Dylan McDermott, Toni Collette and Tate Donovan? They’re some pretty great actors, and the cast just seems great all around.
Burke: It’s amazing, because I’m from Canada [and] I grew up in a small French town in Canada, and I grew up watching all these shows with Toni and Tate and Dylan. I remember they were almost like demigods -- these people on TV, and it was just so foreign to me. Now, here I am, working with them. It’s amazing. How many people get to experience that? Never once did I think while watching these actors on TV that I would be up there with them.

As amazing and interesting and as talented as they are, they’re people. They’re just genuine people. I haven’t gotten to know them very, very well, but Toni is so sweet. She’s so nice [and] so generous. Dylan too. Dylan is such a professional. … He emits a ray of coolness (laughs). He’s just the coolest guy. You feel cooler being near him. … It’s extremely exciting, but at the end of the day it’s a job, and we’re all co-workers.

EXCLUSIVE: Tyler Elliot Burke Talks ‘Hostages,’ Dylan McDermott’s ‘Cool’ Factor

TVRage: The show is dealing with some heavy situations, but for both Morgan and Boyd, the two are dealing with not only Morgan being held hostage, but also her pregnancy. Are things going to get worse for them? Or, will things possibly get better?
Burke: (Laughs) I mean, it is a drama, so for some dramas things can become better, at least for awhile, and then become worse. It jumps all over the place, as any series does, and as any good writing should. It can’t just be all black or all white. So, yeah, I guess [for Morgan and Boyd] there are highs and lows -- many to expect in the future.

TVRage: In addition to ‘Hostages,’ are there any future projects you're working on?
Burke: Yes, I’m in a film that’s going to be released [limited theatrical release] in theaters Oct. 18. It’s called ‘The Stream’ with Rainn Wilson from ‘The Office,’ Mario Lopez is in it, Kelly Rutherford from ‘Gossip Girl’ and Christopher Gorham from ‘Covert Affairs.’ I play the [main] villain [Wyatt Swooker].

TVRage: How was it playing the villain?
Burke: I was bullied as a kid, and basically, I play a bully. It was kind of fun. I never really expected it to be in that kind of position -- to be the bad guy, the guy that I feared as a kid. It’s such fun being a bad guy. … No one wants to be the bad guy in life, but to be the bad guy in a story or in film is such a pleasure. Everybody has that kind of a dark side to them that people are afraid to explore or go there, but you can really have fun. At least, I feel that way. I have so much more fun when I play a bad guy. Maybe it’s because I’m such a nice guy in real life (laughs), and because I’m such a gentleman, but when I get to play the bad guy like that, someone who’s almost pure evil, I enjoy it. I relish it.

Be sure to tune in every Monday at 10/9c on CBS to see Burke on ‘Hostages.’ As he says, “Keep watching and see where it goes, because it’s very unpredictable. I have to say that about the writing -- I never know what’s coming up next. I’m always shocked. Your guess would be as good as mine, if I was in your position.”

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Oct 10th, 2013, 3:53 pm

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Paul D

Message Posted On Oct 11th, 2013, 7:17 am
Are you kidding the show is great and I usually hate drama shows. Its so realistic if you know the type of things that truely go on in the world behind closed doors. It must be unrealistic to you because you live believing what the mainstream media in North America tells you, which is pure bull made to make the ppl paying for evrything your watching come off as great ppl. I think its more of a mini series than a multiple season show so of course theres not a multitude of seasons to come.

Message Posted On Oct 10th, 2013, 5:13 pm
The show is on the bubble now for cancellation. I find it boring and unrealistic. I cannot see how this show could last multiple seasons; in fact, I don't see how they can stretch it out for one season. The actors are all excellent, it's the premise that is the problem.
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