Fans to Hold Charity Funeral, Reception for Walter White


Walter White's death on Breaking Bad


Following a 'Breaking Bad' post-mortem gag where fans of the series paid to print an obituaty to fictional character Walter White in the Albuquerque Journal, now fans are holding a funeral and reception where fans can pay their respects to the character. But don't worry: it's all for charity.  

A local Albuquerque charity, in the city that served as the setting for 'Breaking Bad's critically-acclaimed, award-winning cacophony of violence and drugs, will give fans the opportunity to pay their final respects to the fallen character, provided they don't mind donating for the privilege. On Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013 at 4:30PM in New Mexico's Sunset Memorial Park, fans are welcome to gather to witness the service for a fictional character they knew on television for five seasons. 

Following a procession starting at the location where White died on the show (which already has a memorial set up),  the funeral will include a eulogy delivered by Michael Flowers (Set Director on the series) as well as the symbolic burial of a cubic square-foot vault, typically used after a cremation. The reception following the mock-ceremony will take place at a local steakhouse, downtown. 

Jackamoe Buzzell, huge 'Breaking Bad' fan, is the organizer behind both the funeral and the reception. After spotting the obituary in the Albuquerque Journal, Buzzell figured that the character deserved a permanent resting place. 

Does this seem a little silly to you? Well before you pass judgement on the kooky television fans of Nell Trent, The Old Curiosity Shop2013, let me remind you that this sort of public reaction to the death of a character is nothing new. Back in 1840, long before the inception of television, fans of Charles Dickens' latest serially-published novel 'The Old Curiosity Shop' were up in arms when character Little Nell Trent fell ill. Fans swarmed Dickens' London home protesting, chanting, begging the writer to spare Nell's life and allow their favorite character to live on in their imaginations...

Dickens promptly killed Nell off in the very next installment. 

So fans becoming emotionally attached to a fictional character is nothing new. The fact that Little Nell is an example of innocence and kindness whereas Walter White is a murderous drug-peddler is a socially-curious note, but that's a topic for another time. 

Are you in the Albuquerque area? Pay your respects to Walter White on Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013 at 4:30PM in New Mexico's Sunset Memorial Park.


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