'Hawaii Five-0' to Let Fans Write Episode... Sort Of


Hawaii Five-0 cast


After allowing 'Hawaii Five-0' fans to choose the murderer (and thus the ending) of an episode last season in real time, CBS is now taking things one step further. As of this week, the network has launched an online initiative called 'Fan Built Five-0.' Fans can log on to CBS' website, and vote for their preferred option in six different story categories. The winners of each individual category will then be combined into a script by 'Hawaii's writing staff. The completed episode will air in the spring, and will begin production in February.

The six story elements are open for voting until Halloween night, but that's not all viewers will get to decide: CBS is really letting voters personalize the final episode, with upcoming choices including types of props, character wardrobes, featured music, and the actual title of the story. These votes will happen over subsequent periods, with the final tallies for the episode title being counted in mid-March.

This whole concept is clearly an attempt by CBS to revive the new season's flatting ratings, not that there's anything wrong with that. Hopefully it works out. The idea of letting fans decide the intricacies of an episode is certainly an interesting one, although it definitely has the potential to make for an unsatisfying story. There's a reason professional writers get paid to construct scripts. Too many disparate plot elements could lead to an episode that is all over the place in tone and style.

Click here to choose the scene of the crime, the murder weapon, the victim, and more.

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Written by: msd85
Oct 12th, 2013, 12:11 pm

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I suspect it will not return for a fifth season. The stories so far have been lackluster, with uninteresting villians, and the fact that the 5-O team is so competent reduces interest - protagonists need good challengers. They need to go somewhere worthwhile with Wo Fat, for example, and end some of the dangling plots. Add in the relentless pimping of various products (chiefly Microsoft) within the show, and...


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canct cancel this-best show I like

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LMAO... Loved that show!!



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As one of the few people who actually watched Moonlight, your suggestion made me chuckle quite a bit Pentar. Thanks for that.




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My idea is to reveal that McGarrett is really a vampire named Mick St. John. Ratings winner!!

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