Has FOX's 'Us and Them' Been Canceled Before It Even Airs?


Us and Them

FOX might have shut down its new romantic comedy series 'Us and Them' before it even premieres. 

The series, which stars Alexis Bledel and Jason Ritter as a couple who meet online and attempt to carry on a long-distance conversation despite their intrusive families and friends, was originally given a thirteen-episode order, but FOX has cut that down to the seven episodes already filmed. 

According to Deadline, "Fox says it plans to air the produced episodes and has not cancelled the series, but for all intents and purposes, the show is over, and the cast has been told they can take new jobs."

Why? Well, The Huffington Post noted rumors that FOX was unhappy with the show's tone, but beyond that, it's up in the air. 

Having seen the pilot episode of 'Us and Them,' I can't say I understand FOX's decision. The show was, by far, the best of FOX's 2013 comedy pilots (better even than the hilarious 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'). It was unclear how the show would sustain itself following its pilot episode (which was essentially a perfectly boiled-down romantic comedy film), but the leads had chemistry and the whole show was very charming. Why should FOX choose to air (and even order additional episodes of) the abysmal 'Dads' but hang a much better show -- with established, likable leads -- like 'Us and Them' out to dry? This one's a head-scratcher. 

What do you think about FOX's decision?

We'll keep you posted on any additional 'Up & Them' developments. 

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Written by: mcpherson
Oct 12th, 2013, 6:59 pm

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