'Game of Thrones': Jerome Flynn Promises Big Change for Bronn in Season 4


Jerome Flynn in Game of Thrones

We're still a good six months out from the fourth season premiere of HBO's riveting fantasy series 'Game of Thrones,' but the cogs beneath Westeros are still turning. Filming for the show's fourth season is just a few weeks out from finishing, and the cast and crew behind the show are starting the long, arduous process of teasing fans about what's to come. 

Take, for instance, Jerome Flynn, the actor who plays Tyrion's sellsword pal Bronn. Flynn hosted a one-man panel at this weekend's New York Comic Con, where he chatted with fans about everything from Bronn's infamous line about Joffrey (Flynn accidentally swore in front of some children during the panel) and who he hopes wins the show's titular game (he's on Team Arya). He also dropped a pretty intriguing spoiler regarding his character in Season 4. 

Despite having not read the series of books upon which the show is based, Flynn noted that there was a big deviation from the source material regarding his character in Season 4. As Vulture puts it, "Despite not having read the series, he at least knew that one of his fight scenes with an undisclosed combatant in the forthcoming season four will be a surprise even for the readers, 'because that’s not in the books!' As a spoiler, it was a thin one — no details, other that during the shooting, the other actor 'nearly got a sword on his skull' — but at Comic-Con, any spoiler is well met. 'Oh God, what have I said?' Flynn joked afterwards, pretending he’d revealed too much. 'So, um, next question?'"

It's interesting that Bronn gets a swordfight here, given that in this area of the source material, his biggest decision is one NOT to fight. So who is he fighting? I'll be very interested to find out indeed. 

What do you think? 

'Game of Thrones' premieres next spring on HBO. 

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Written by: mcpherson
Oct 13th, 2013, 4:06 pm

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