Black Canary and ‘Arrow’ Officially Meet, Season 1 Villain Returning


Black Canary and ‘Arrow’ Officially Meet, Season 1 Villain Returning


Oliver Queen...ahem...I mean ‘Arrow’ is finally meeting the Black Canary! Today, Stephen Amell, who plays the buff and tough CW “superhero,” posted on his Facebook page the first look at their meet-and-greet.

Then, if that wasn’t nice enough of Amell, he tweeted the following photo as well! He surely knows how to treat his beloved fans. Both photos are from Season 2, Episode 4 titled “Crucible.”

Black Canary and ‘Arrow’ Officially Meet, Season 1 Villain Returning

In last week’s Season 2 premiere, viewers had their first glimpse of the Black Canary (played by Caity Lotz) when she swooped in and saved Roy’s (Colton Haynes) life. If her first performance as a female vigilante says anything, it’s that she's a good fit for the corrupt Starling City, especially alongside Oliver Queen.

Black Canary and ‘Arrow’ Officially Meet, Season 1 Villain ReturningIf that’s not enough exciting ‘Arrow’ news, how about some scoop about one of Season 1’s top villains?

For those hoping Count Vertigo, portrayed by the ever-so-talented Seth Gabel, would make a triumphant return to the hit CW series, he is! According to DC Comics, executive producer Marc Guggenheim divulged that Gabel will be back as the evil villain responsible for selling the “killer” drug Vertigo. Guggenheim also noted that The Count will be “bringing a whole lot of chaos with him!”

Are you excited to see the Black Canary in action? Are you ready for Gabel’s return as Count Vertigo?

Be sure to watch ‘Arrow’ every Wednesday at 8/7c on The CW.

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Oct 15th, 2013, 12:13 pm

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Message Posted On Oct 19th, 2013, 4:06 am

As far as the Black Canary now screaming in the first episode, she fights normaly until she needs to screem. it's a final move thing, not a use all the time thing. But if you want reality in stead of fantasy, NO ONE IN THE WORLD CAN SONIC SCREEM.

Lets stick with Action Fantasy and keep Arrow on the air. As for the title, The Green Arrow is widely concidered a cartoon so lets just be happy Arrow is on for us to enjoy.

Can't wait to see if any other Super Heros pop in for a visit.


Message Posted On Oct 15th, 2013, 10:47 pm
archer- u do realise its FANTASY ie not real that's the point-just enjoy and watch its like people who moan about new eps of seasons-ie dads--but they continye to watch just enjoy/or turn over ps u do know batman/superman r not real? ive done swimming for yrs-but I still would watch aquaman
The Purple Archer

Message Posted On Oct 15th, 2013, 6:55 pm
You know, I hate how badly the studios want to make the money off of the comic book charactrs, but will not allow us the suspension of disbelief to see them with REAL names such as "Green Arrow", and let Black Canary have her fishnets. Too unrealistic to fight with fishnets or have a sonic scream? I have news for you. I have trained in Archery for 25 years, and am paid as an expert archer. The show gets 25% of it right, but you cannot attack people armed with uzis with a bow and arrow,lol. Just do it right, and hope people will grow to accept it.
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