‘Nikita’s’ Explosive Situation in Tonight’s Episode the “Wrath”

'Nikata' Episode 8,The show you should be watching, but you’re not is called ‘Nikita.’ The low rating aren’t due do the stellar cast, sharp writing and superb production crew, but rather lack of advertising dollars. The often game-changing show helps keep viewers on the edge of their seats each Friday at 8p.m. ET on the CW. Tonight’s episode is no different. Prepare for each and every ‘Nikita’ character to be affected by tonight’s episode.

Tonight’s episode the “Wrath” explores the element of surprise and will shock the viewers’ anticipation for what’s next.

The ‘Nikita’ episode description may read, “Nikita is tortured and captured,” but prepare for much more. The torture goes beyond the expected to create a truly uncomfortable scene, especially for Nikita admirers.

Plus, tonight’s episode opens up Nikita’s past a bit more through a very critical flashback to see her working at Division under Percy.

Overall, you can expect a thrilling episode full of revelations, things being brought into the open and painfully uncomfortable torture.


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Written by: AnaEmbry
Apr 20th, 2012, 12:28 pm

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