John Leguizamo Bringing 'Ghetto Klown' to HBO


John Leguizamo


John Leguizamo and HBO have had a beautiful friendship over the years. The long-running popular stand-up comic, writer and actor has had no less than four different comedy specials air on HBO over the years. These include 'Mambo Mouth' (1991), 'Spic-o-Rama' (1993), 'Freak' (1998) and 'Sexaholic: A Love Story' (2002). Not only have these specials been commercial successes, but Leguizamo won an Emmy Award for his performance writing and starring in 'Freak.' All of this is to say: HBO has every reason to be in the John Leguizamo business. 

Now, eleven years after his last special on the subscription cable network, Leguizamo is coming back for more. On Nov. 16 at the Victoria Theatre, Leguizamo will film a performance of 'Ghetto Klown,' his Ghetto Klownlatest one-man show, to air on HBO in the spring of 2014. 

Leguizamo's HBO specials are far more than merely stand-up comedy acts. Each of them are constructed as comedic autobiographical narratives wherein Leguizamo portrays various members of his family and walks the audience through a particular facet of his life or upbringing. In 'Sexaholic: A Love Story,' for instance, Leguizamo focuses on starting a family and trying to be responsible despite his immaturity and goofy sense of humor. Leguizamo debuted 'Ghetto Klown' in 2010 on stage and has been receiving rave reviews ever since. 

Aged forty-nine, Leguizamo has done a little bit of everything as a performer. Outside of his HBO specials he starred in feature films like 'Spawn' and 'Moulin Rouge,' most recently appearing in this year's 'Kick-Ass 2.' 

'Ghetto Klown' has already earned Leguizamo a Drama Desk Award and is described as a semi-authobiographical show about his path to stardom. The special will be directed by Fisher Stevens, the same director of the live stage show off Broadway. 

- John Leguizamo

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Oct 16th, 2013, 7:55 am

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