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Finally, comic books that aren't centered around men in tights punching each other are getting their due. 

IDW Publishing, publishers of some of the most critically-acclaimed comic books available today, have announced plans to branch out into television and develop several series based on their existing properties--and they own over 300 existing properties. IDW is launching a new brand for their company to handle the development, partnering with production studios to develop pitches for various networks. David Ozer has been named head of the new brand, working in conjuction with Ted Adams, the CEO of IDW Publishing. 

And this isn't just smoke-blowing: IDW has already selected three of their properties to develop as their first slate.

The first is a comic called 'Life Undead,' a twist on the ever-popular zombie genre. From IDW: "David Mears is not your average zombie. He's not a mindless killing machine that craves flesh. He's a New Orleans narcotics cop, filled with the Voodoo spirits of vengeance. And now he's out for payback. Hunting down the Haitian drug lord who sentenced him to a life without feeling, without a soul... a Life Undead." A supernatural cop drama with a creepy twist on the hero. Sounds like it could work.IDW Publishing

The next project being developed is 'Brooklyn Animal Control.' The concept behind this comic series is that your regular every-day animal control officers are actually the first line of defense against a thriving race of werewolves who live amongst us. From IDW: "What if werewolves were actually living among us? What if they had been for hundreds of years? It's a wild thought, isn't it? Wilder still, what if these clans of werewolves were actively policed by a government organization? Werewolves have become deeply entrenched in modern America, operating in plain sight as productive members of society, from construction workers to occupants of the highest echelons of power. More often than not, the longstanding werewolf clans conduct themselves to maintain a peaceful productivity with the human population. When that peace is disrupted, however, the B.A.C. has to suit up and step in, and as one could imagine, sometimes that can be a messy job." 

Finally, IDW is developing 'V Wars,' wherein the titular V stands for Vampire. From the publisher: "Mankind has been silently infected by millennia-old bacteria unknowingly exhumed by a scientific expedition in Antarctica. Now, in some rare cases, a person's so-called "junk DNA" becomes activated, and depending on their racial and ethnic heritage they begin to manifest one of the many diverse forms of the "others" that are the true basis for the legends of supernatural creatures. These aren't your usual vampires and werewolves-it goes much deeper than that."

So we've got three supernatural projects with proven plotlines and characters, already tested on the comic book market. IDW could become major players in the years to come. 

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Oct 18th, 2013, 12:12 pm

Images courtesy of IDW Publishing

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