Mariska Hargitay Signs New Contract for 'Law And Order: SVU'

mariska hargitayIt’s been for more than a decade that, Law and Order SVU has not only captured viewer imagination, but also has managed to sustain its appeal, quite consistently. Its ratings have ensured that, it holds its own against the more modern crime based dramas of today. This could largely be due to the fact that, the show has rarely compromised with its content just to please the audience in the short term. An integral part of the show and a face that has become so familiar on the show that, it’s impossible to imagine the show without it, is that of Mariska Hargitay who plays the character of Detective Olivia Benson on the show.  Hence, as soon as the talks for a season 14 of the show got underway, it was immediately decided that the first thing the producers of the show would do is sign Mariska Hargitay for the new season.

Hartigay had as a matter of fact confirmed that, she would be a part of the new season of Law & Order SVU, way back in January 2012, but this fact has become official only recently. Way back in 1999, is when the show had begun, and Mariska has been a part of it right since the beginning. So she made the show, as much as the show made her. Hence, it’s not unusual for her to want to stick around at least for one more season. She in fact, even confessed to the fact that, she is still having fun playing the part. What must make this part even more fun is the fact that, she reportedly gets paid $500,000 per episode, and one can buy a lot of fun with that.

THR Productions in the meanwhile has clarified that, renewing her deal for another season does not necessarily mean that, the show would return for another season. As confusing as it might be to decipher these mixed signals, the conclusion that can be drawn is that, if this show returns for a season 14 then Hargitay would continue to be a part of it. The reason for these mixed signals could be the fact that, the show hit its all time low rating recently; hence the producers might be giving the whole season 14 thing a second thought.

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Apr 20th, 2012, 2:07 pm


Message Posted On Apr 25th, 2012, 1:20 am
The show is terrible without Elliot.The new people do not fit.This show will not last without stabler.
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