Syfy Greenlights Reality Competition 'Opposite Worlds'


Opposite Worlds


About a year ago, we reported that Syfy was ordering an adaptation of a Chilean reality competition series called 'Mundos Opuestos.' Now, a year later, Syfy is finally pulling the trigger on the project with a formal greenlight, preparing to premiere 'Opposite Worlds' on Jan. 21, 2014. 

The series has a unique format: Syfy will air twelve episodes over six weeks, with two episodes airing weekly. The second episode each week will feature a live element--a first for Syfy. The format for 'Opposite Worlds' is an interesting one: people from various walks of life are collected and split into opposing teams, living in a large house separated by a glass wall. What's on either side of the wall? SyfyTwo distinctly different worlds; on one side, contestants are placed in a primitive environment without the benefits of our technological advancements where they are forced to fend for themselves in a harsh clime. On the other, an idyllic utopia filled with technology where your every desire is fulfilled with the press of a button--but they must compete in order to stay there. Each episode, the team living in the 'past' will compete against the team in the 'future' to determine who lives where until the next challenge. 

Syfy is employing the live element to turn the reality series into an immersive experience for the viewer. Cast members will compete in a series of challenges with viewers weighing in on incorporated social media. The viewer response will help determine the players' fates in real-time. 

Sort of like one huge 'Survivor' rewards challenge, for six straight weeks. What do you think of 'Opposite Worlds'?


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Oct 22nd, 2013, 8:28 pm

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