ABC to Resurrect 'Body of Proof'?


Dana Delany and Mark Valley


Nearly five months after ABC dropped the ax on medical/crime drama 'Body of Proof,' the network finds itself in a tough spot. Several of its new dramas (including the already canceled 'Lucky 7') aren't doing too well, and the 11 million weekly viewers that 'Body of Proof' drew is now looking quite appealing. According to Deadline, ABC is very close to bringing back the canceled series for a fourth season, much like CBS recently did with police procedural 'Unforgettable.'

The resurrection isn't quite finalized yet though, with a decision expected to be made within the next month. 'Body of Proof's cast, writers, and crew have all moved on to other projects, and it will take some serious negotiations to woo back stars like Dana Delany, Mark Valley, Jeri Ryan, and showrunner Evan Katz. If everything gets hammered out, the plan is to bring the show back during mid-season, much like was done with Season 3.

Making this move seem a bit bone-headed is the fact that 'Body of Proof' was one of few productions to win the coveted California Tax Credit Lottery last year, keeping its previous production costs manageable. Since ABC canceled the series, those tax incentives were lost, which will now lead to this new season being more expensive to produce. I guess this situation just proves that networks should have more patience before deciding to end a decently performing show.

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Written by: msd85
Oct 23rd, 2013, 7:49 am

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Message Posted On Oct 31st, 2013, 10:31 am
I hope ABC brings back Body of Proof. Great Cast, Great Show, Great Story lines. Would love to see Ray Stevenson join the cast as a new love interest for Dana. He plays the strong, wealthy, danagerous types so well. She needs him in this show, someone of mystery, danger - sex scenes a must. Bring it back - 11 million viewers will turn in - its guaranteed!!

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Message Posted On Oct 27th, 2013, 10:51 pm

I agree with the above commentators.. the show was great, Mark Valley was not.  He is the epitome of a buzz kill.  Although i very much like him personally, he's cute and charming in his way, but he just doesn't 'mesh' with the cast.  You need someone edgy-er, like the Nick Bishop character.. give Dana something to kick.. *smile*


Message Posted On Oct 24th, 2013, 2:07 pm
Nope, nope, nope. The last season was dull and the actors seemed tired and uninspired. I watched the prior seasons, but I could only tolerate abut 4 eps in the last season before bailing. Mark Valley was a poor addition--he and Delaney had no discernible chemistry, and he sucked the energy out of every scene he was in.

Message Posted On Oct 24th, 2013, 12:08 am
Ooohh, that'd be wonderful. I love the show and I am huge fan of Dana Delany and Jeri Ryan. Mark Valley is expendable, tho. Replace him with Jaime Ray Newman and you've got the perfect trio for another 10 seasons (one can dream, yes ?).

Message Posted On Oct 23rd, 2013, 6:00 pm
Bring it back without mark valley, he kills every show he's been on, Harry's law etc. He's not that great an actor, plays the same character in everything he does in my opinion, and I could never justify why they brought him in and killed off the Nicholas Bishop (Peter Dunlap) character. Mark Valley = Kiss Of Death Sorry :-(

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Message Posted On Oct 23rd, 2013, 5:08 pm

Why not bring it back,it was a daft move to cancel it in the first place


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Message Posted On Oct 23rd, 2013, 2:04 pm

I hope it comes back. They were really stupid to cancel it!


Message Posted On Oct 23rd, 2013, 11:16 am
Great show, hope it comes back. If it does the fools will just cancel it again. It seems like that is what those fools do. If they don't have X number of 'new' shows then they feel they are missing out, sod the viewers.
the me

Message Posted On Oct 23rd, 2013, 10:55 am
idjits cancel it :-)
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