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Sean Maher


'Arrow' is becoming the land of great guest stars. With Summer Glau, Michael Jai White, Grant Gustin, Kevin Alejandro and others all slated to appear on the hit CW action series this season, we can now add another recognizable television name to the list: Sean Maher. 

Sean Maher hit the television scene on 'Party of Five' and followed that up with roles on the cult-hit series 'Firefly' and then 'The Playboy Club.' The thirty-eight year old actor will be stepping into the role of an existing comic book villain for his turn on 'Arrow,' however it would seem that much of the character will still be left to Maher to create. Why do I say that? Well, because in the comic books, the character that Maher is playing is comprised entirely of organic hunks of conscious metal, capable of Shrapnelregenerating itself. Seriously. 

That's right DC Comics fans, Maher will be playing Shrapnel--also known by his alter ego Mark Scheffer. In the comics, Shrapnel is a hitman (or... hitmetal? Hitmonster?) who slaughters people without reservation. Given that 'Arrow' has done a reasonable job of balancing the impossible and maintaining a successful suspension of disbelief, it's safe to say that the CW version of Shrapnel will likely be far more human than the strange creature you see pictured to the right. 

Maher will be appearing as Mark Scheffer in the tenth episode of the season. In the show, Scheffer will be a serial bomber and will target various buildings in Starling City and even go after Kevin Alejandro's Sebastian Blood. So... how would you transform Scheffer in a slightly more believable fashion for the character's appearance in 'Arrow'?

'Arrow' airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW. 


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Oct 23rd, 2013, 3:09 pm

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