Controversy be Damned, 'Dads' Gets Full Season Order


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Two weeks ago, FOX went ahead and ordered six more scripts for their freshman comedy 'Dads,' despite there being no promise that those scripts would ever go to air. Now, the network has made it official and 'Dads' has been picked up for a full season order. These controversial characters are going to at least get a bit more time for American audiences to warm up to them. With the full season order, FOX can either commission new scripts from the writers on staff or select other options from the unused scripts originally commissioned when the show went to air. 

Between claims of offensiveness and racism, or charges of the series simply being unfunny, 'Dads' has not endeared itself to any television critic. Back in August, the Media Action Network for Asian-Americans (MANAA) was demanding that the pilot episode of the new FOX comedy 'Dads' be re-shot to remove racist elements in the program. Claims of racism came from a particular scene in the pilot episode which featured co-star Brenda Song. FOX and MacFarlane stood by their pilot and it aired as it was originally shot. 

'Dads' stars Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi as two best friends and video game developers who have their crass fathers move in with them and upend their lives. Comic legends Martin Mull and Peter Reigert play the characters' fathers, with stereotypical political incorectness dripping from every line of dialogue. Mull’s character, for instance, calls Asians “Orientals,” and says, of Chinese people, “There’s a reason ‘Shanghai’ is a verb.”

The creators and stars of 'Dads' haven't been phased by the lukewarm critical reception and have seemingly galvanized as a unit against the angry outsiders. On an episode of 'Chelsea Lately,' 'Dads' co-star Giovanni Ribisi had some choice words for the critics that spoke out against the program: "honestly, we're at the point where we're just like, go f**k yourself.

More 'Dads'! Will you be tuning in?

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Written by: bad_subject
Oct 25th, 2013, 5:16 pm

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Message Posted On Oct 26th, 2013, 5:56 pm

This show is so unfunny it could be tweaked into a drama. Seriously, I can't understand what Fox was thinking, except perhaps they just don't want to piss off Seth MacFarlane. He's made his name for politically incorrect programs as well as giving them several cash cows so maybe Fox is just giving him a pass on this disaster. No matter what the reason I've endured "Dads" for the last time.


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Message Posted On Oct 25th, 2013, 5:38 pm

The couple of episodes i watched i found crap frankly,ive no doubt other people will find it funny and i hope it gives them joy but you do have to wonder about the Seth Macfalane input on this and how much,if any sway he helf over Fox.

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