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Scott Porter and Mircea Monroe on Hart of Dixie


Today, I had the real pleasure of speaking with ‘Hart of Dixie’ and ‘Episodes’ actress Mircea Monroe. Not only is she as fun loving and witty as her characters on television, Monroe is also charming and fantastically funny! If you are a ‘Hart of Dixie’ fan like I am, you will know her best as Tansy Truitt, but this up and coming actress has more than one acting card up her sleeve. We talked about her love of ‘Dixie,’ the upcoming return of ‘Episodes,’ and much more.

TVRage: Hearing that Tansy is with Scooter McGreevey at the beginning of Season 3 of ‘Hart of Dixie’ was a bit of a shock. I really love the fun-loving spirit of Tansy and I think she really brought out a good side of George. Are you hoping that the two of them get back together?
Mircea Monroe: I was shocked as well. I was like “Wait, I’m with who?!” As it plays out though, it makes a lot of sense and kind of works. Right now we have shot up to episode 10 and I am finding out just as we go as well, so I don’t know what happens and I am dying to know! Even the scenes with Scott (who plays George Tucker) we keep guessing as well. I am like “Should I be flirty? Are we getting back together? What’s happening?” I love working with him as a person, and I also really love the characters together, so I’d be thrilled if that happened.

TVRage: Can you tell us what is coming up next for you on 'Hart of Dixie'? Will Tansy still have a bit of a grudge against Zoe?
Monroe: I feel like Tansy, and a lot of the characters on the show, forgive relatively quickly. They move fast and there’s always a lot happening. As of right now [Tansy] has let a lot of that go and is not holding on to any kind of grudge with her. Tansy is going to be very present [in upcoming episodes], there is a lot of her. I am just as in the dark as everyone else is right now though, but we will definitely be seeing Scooter and Tansy together, and there might be a little bit of betrayal. I am so bad at this (laughs)The tease is not my specialty.

TVRage: It has been quite a while since ‘Episodes’ was last on the air. With all the work you have been doing on ‘Hart of Dixie,’ are you looking forward to ‘Episodes’ returning in the New Year?
Monroe: I know, that’s what is crazy! We have like a year in between episodes, I have been doing that show since I was like a fetus (laughs). I am really excited though, it comes back in January. They are also really good at doing things with the show to keep it in people’s minds and re-airing stuff. I am so excited. The third season is incredibly well done and really, really funny so I am stoked. I see all those guys in between filming. We are friends in real life, so I feel like the show is always a part of my life.

TVRage: I was blown away by how much I love this show [Episodes] and I am addicted to this show too, so thank you. I am now addicted to two of your shows.
Monroe: Oh my god, I love that! You will just have to wait for a while. When I try and explain it ['Episodes'] to others I am like “It is funny, just watch it!”

TVRage: It’s great because it has both the British humor and the American humor, which is perfect for me because I love both.
Monroe: It is great for a lot of reasons. For one, it is created by these two guys and just the two of them write everything, which is so impressive. It’s just them and they know Matt LeBlanc from 10 million years of working with him and so they have created this really wonderful world. They are so good, it is another level of comedy and it’s just so great.

TVRage: The character of Morning is so centered on her looks and her beauty, whereas Tansy is a good hearted person who just also happens to be beautiful. Was that ever a problem for you? Being targeted specifically for your look going in to a project like ‘Episodes’?
Monroe: Initially I was insecure because the character [Morning] is so much about how she has had this work done. I love the joke though. I am obviously not as old, because she is supposed to be in her late forties. I definitely felt a little insecure though, because I wanted it to be believable that I was this woman. Then as it went on, and you learn more about her, you realize that she is so much more than that. In this third season we learn much more about who [Morning] is personally and she is sort of forming into this whole person, which is really neat for me. 

Mircea Monroe stands next to James Purefoy

TVRage: It is a bit of a running joke on ‘Episodes’ that Morning is actually much older than she looks. Will we ever find out how old Morning is? Do you know?
Monroe: It becomes much less of a secret. At the start of season three it becomes a bigger question, and then it gets answered. Then instead of it being a mystery it is referred to more in jokes about my age.

TVRage: So you know hold old Morning is now?
Monroe: Yes (laughs)!

TVRage: In the Season 2 finale of ‘Episodes’, it looked like Sean and Bev were getting back together. Where do you think this leaves Morning and Rob?
Monroe: I don’t think Morning was ever really attached to the idea of being with him, so she’s cool. (laughs) I tend to play these characters that are just cool, they just move on fast!

TVRage: When I was looking at your Twitter account, I noticed you have both a regular account and then also @mirceasboobs. I have to say, both had me laughing. You have a definite talent for comedy. Are you often the one telling jokes on set?
Monroe: I just love laughing! I love be around humor in any form and laughing. It just feels so good, how can you not want to? With the @missmircea and @mirceasboobs Twitter, they haven’t talked in a long time. There was a point where it was so much fun to do. I was always thinking of fun stuff to write, and I loved it, but work got busy. I really need to get back to them talking (laughs)! It’s been like a year, they really don’t talk much anymore. I did try to start one for my butt, but it just never caught on!

TVRage: Your funny and comedic side really shines through on your Twitter account and I have read that you enjoy doing stand-up. Is this something you still regularly get into?
Monroe: With work it is not something I have been able to do a ton of lately, I am traveling so much. I have been doing a lot less, but coming up I have a couple of improv shows, and I am doing a thing with Jon Lovitz at his comedy club next month. I still do pieces of it, but not to the extent that one needs to do to be strong and good. It more just for me to keep growing.

TVRage: You have had the opportunity to play a lot of different roles in both film and television. Is there one dream role, or character, that you would one day love to play?
Monroe: Definitely! There has been such a huge array, and right now I am leaning most towards really strong, smart characters. Characters with a lot of layers! Anybody really messed up is always wonderful to play, I love that. I am definitely gravitating towards strength right now. It all depends on where I’m at, or what I’ve been doing. I am having a really good time though with these women who are strong, smart and well-spoken who have a lot of poise. I am loving them!

TVRage: Are there any upcoming projects you are working on that you would like to talk about?
Monroe: I have a movie coming out in January called ‘Dumbbells,’ which is a comedy with Tom Arnold and Carl Reiner and it is so fun! I am also in ‘Enlisted,’ which is coming out in January, and I love to talk about that. It is full of really funny and great people. I love the creators, I love the actors. I can’t say enough about that.

Make sure to follow the absolutely wonderful Mircea Monroe over on Twitter at @missmircea. You can currently catch her on The CW’s ‘Hart of Dixie’ on Monday nights at 8/7c, and on ‘Episodes’ this coming January on Showtime.

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Oct 25th, 2013, 8:15 pm

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