Once Again 'The Life and Times of Tim' Cancelled by HBO

the life and times of timIt is being reported that the animated comedy series ‘The Life and Times of Tim’ might once again be cancelled. The fate of the show has always been a bit dodgy, with it being cancelled or allegedly cancelled, a few times in the past. The only question is would this time be the last nail in the coffin, which buries this show for good. Reportedly, the show created by Steve Diladarian might down its curtains after finishing season 3. The last time the viewers saw an original episode of the show was on February17, and no original episodes have aired since. The show basically revolves round its main character Tim, with his voice rendered by Dildarian himself.

Tim it seems always tries his best to do the right thing, but somehow things inadvertently go wrong. It’s as if the whole world is conspiring against him. Something similar can be said about the fate of the show, with it been intelligently written, ably voiced and entertaining enough to capture the imagination of the viewers, and yet the show is slated to be cancelled after just 3 seasons. The fans of the show might be able to take solace in the fact that back in June of 2010; the show was cancelled, right after the completion of its second season. But was brought back soon after, and that too within a short gap of just 2 months, which gives the indication that even HBO possibly feels that the show has potential.

Again once before, there were rumors of its cancellation, that time it was after the completion of the first season, with the second season taking its own sweet time to hit the floors. Hence no one would be hugely surprised if the show manages to pull a rabbit out of the hat, as far as its chances of survival are concerned.

Source: HitFix

- The Life and Times of Tim

Written by: jimmy478
Apr 21st, 2012, 1:49 pm

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