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It's Official: HBO's 'Entourage' is Coming to the Big Screen




Over two years since it ended its whopping eight-season-long run on HBO, 'Entourage' is coming to the big screen. And this isn't like all of the other times sites like this one have announced an 'Entourage' movie--this time, the contracts have been signed and the greenlight has been given to begin production. 

"It’s a go. love you all," tweeted director, writer and creator Doug Ellin, signalling to the world that the ink was on the paper and that the necessary components of any 'Entourage' film have agreed to participate. Which components? Well, the five characters at the core of the show's ensemble, pictured above. There is Adrian Grenier as movie star Vincent Chase; Kevin Connolly plays his best friend and manager, Eric "E" Murphy; Kevin Dillon as Vincent's older brother, Johnny Drama; Jerry Ferrara plays Turtle; Vincent's excitable agent is played by fan-favorite Jeremy Piven. 'Entourage' isn't the type of show that could allow for one of the cast members to be written out of any feature--each name was absolutely integral to the deal. So what took them so long?

The hold-up came back in August, when Piven (arguably the biggest name of the cast) signed on the dotted line for the feature, in a deal that included a piece of the film's $30 million backend. Naturally, the remaining cast members didn't want to be left out of any profit-participation deal. What transpired in the interim was a mess of agents fighting with producers over percentage points... but happily, we're now on the other side of that debacle. 

Ellin has written and produced other projects throughout his career but none of them come close to the success of 'Entourage'; it makes sense that he would fight so long and hard to make this a reality. The question now becomes: how best to wrap up the story, after we've already followed these characters through eight long seasons? 

What would you like to see in an 'Entourage' movie?  

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Written by: bad_subject
Oct 29th, 2013, 9:14 pm

Images courtesy of HBO


Message Posted On Oct 30th, 2013, 8:02 am
Will Vince finally contact AIDS from all the unprotected sex? Will Johnny and Turtle finally have that relationship hinted at since they "crossed swords"? Will everyone else remain the huego dicks they were?

Message Posted On Oct 30th, 2013, 7:35 am
I think Jeremy Piven should have a spin-off series

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Message Posted On Oct 30th, 2013, 12:56 am

I thought it ended the way it should have... everybody went out on top... what's left??


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Message Posted On Oct 29th, 2013, 9:35 pm

I stopped enjoying this show after the third season so I'm not crazy about a movie. 

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