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George Takei Completes 75 years on Earth, Reminisces about 'Star Trek

George takeiSometimes in an actor’s life comes along a role which ends up defining the rest of the actor’s life, be it personal or professional. Some are thankful for it, while others end up cursing their fate for ever accepting that role. In the case of George Takei, one can safely say it’s the former. He as Sulu in Star Trek had helped define the show probably as much as Kirk or Spock had, and every Trekkie worth his salt must have closely kept track of the fact that, Sulu completed his 75th year on this planet on April 20th. George Takei is not just Sulu though; he is in fact every character he has ever played with numerous appearances on television and in movies, here is a man who has kept himself busy doing what he does best; acting. He is as a matter of fact, slated to make his Broadway debut at the young age of 75, which in itself is an achievement of sorts.

The musical is called “The Allegiance Musical”. This only goes to prove the fact that, people still have faith in his skills and abilities as an actor, despite his advancing age. He has in his life also adorned other hats, that of an activist and a writer. He has also been a political activist, and is quite open about his homosexuality. Another interesting fact is that, the 75 year old Takei is the youngest amongst the star cast of the original Star Trek, thus making him younger than Shatner, Nimoy and Kelly.

The show first aired in 1966, when Takei was but a young man aspiring to make a name for himself on television, and make a name he did. How much of a name he made can only properly be explained by someone, who has attended a Star Trek convention. Hence it probably wouldn’t be wrong to say that, even if you can take Star Trek out of Sulu, you can never take Sulu out of Star Trek. It is something that, Takei will agree with whole heartedly.

Source: HuffingtonPost

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Written by: jimmy478
Apr 21st, 2012, 8:25 am


Message Posted On Apr 25th, 2012, 8:31 pm
"Reminisces about 'Star Trek" the headline made me think he had been interviewed, this piece is more like a Wikipedia article!
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