EXCLUSIVE: Warren Kole Talks ‘White Collar' Role, Other TV Works


EXCLUSIVE: Warren Kole Talks ‘White Collar' Role, Other TV Works


Warren Kole is a man of many faces. From starring as by-the-book Wes on ‘Common Law’ to crazy serial killer follower Roderick on ‘The Following’ to “ladykiller” Ian Murphy on ‘Person of Interest,’ Kole embraces all kinds of roles on the small screen. Currently, he stars as Neal’s new handler, David Seigel, on USA’s ‘White Collar,’ and I was lucky enough to chat with Kole via email about his new character, in addition to his other works. Check it out!

TVRage: What can ‘White Collar’ fans expect from your character, David Seigel, in upcoming episodes?
Warren Kole: Seigel is kind of a wildcard on the show. WC's audience knows all about [Neal] and Peter, and their world, but it's fresh to Seigel. That makes him a fun character to speculate about, because there’s a little mystery and naiveté to him. Expect anything.

TVRage: Will Seigel ever catch on to Mozzie’s scheme?
Kole: Given enough time, Seigel can catch on to anything, I think. He seems like a pretty sharp cat.

TVRage: How did it feel to be back on the USA Network, after the unfortunate cancellation of ‘Common Law’?
Kole: Common Law was an athletic, fun effort, it just didn’t catch. Reuniting with USA, and more specifically, ‘White Collar,’ was warm and fuzzy, and I felt very welcome. Wonderful cast and crew, top to bottom. 

EXCLUSIVE: Warren Kole Talks ‘White Collar' Role, Other TV Works

TVRage: Speaking of ‘Common Law,’ if it was still running, what do you think Wes (Kole) and Travis (Michael Ealy) would be up to today?
Kole: Ha! Travis would be engaged and Wes would be going through a rebellious phase, but they’d still be kicking ass together.

TVRage: A few weeks ago you appeared as “ladykiller” Ian Murphy on ‘Person of Interest.’ Your character really hit it off with Carter (Taraji P. Henson), and the two seemed like a good match. If you were asked back to ‘POI,’ would you return?
Kole: Taraji is beautiful and charming, and I hope to work with her again, but I wouldn't assume Ian has a future with Nelson or in POI. Seems like he’s got some issues to work out.

TVRage: You’ve played both the “good guy,” on ‘Common Law,’ and the “bad guy,” on ‘The Following.’ Do you prefer to play one type of character over the other?
Kole: I just enjoy characters with interesting texture who exist in an interesting world, and who have room to move. Wes and Roderick both had that.

TVRage: Lastly, are you working on any future TV projects?
Kole: Ah, I never tip my hand, Allyson!

Be sure to catch Kole on ‘White Collar,' which airs Thursdays at 9/8c.

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Oct 30th, 2013, 4:34 pm

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