NBC: 'Crisis' Goes on Unplanned Hiatus for 'Course Correction'




Back when the pilot for NBC's upcoming series 'Crisis' was first shown to test audiences, the project tested through the roof. The buzz around the pilot was strong and television critics caught wind that this project was something to look forward to. Now, after production wrapped on the fifth episode of the young series, NBC brass have halted production and ordered an eight-day, unplanned hiatus for what is being called a "course correction" on the series, Deadline reports.

Somewhere between that impressive pilot and this fifth episode, things went awry. The hiatus will be used for the writing team to correct what has changed, regain what they've lost, and for the rest of the production team to plan reshoots to correct problems with episodes already in the can. This sort of hiatus is extremely rare, due to the amount of money being lost in time as well as rewrites and reshoots; it's actually a sign that NBC truly believes that 'Crisis' will succeed, that they are pouring this much extra money into the production. 

Famously, recent feature film 'World War Z' underwent last-minute rewrites and reshoots to correct some problems. When the news broke, critics began burying 'World War Z' before it had been released. When it finally hit theatres, the film became a financial and critical success and erased any thought of reshoots from everyone's mind. I offer this little anecdote in hopes that fans don't write 'Crisis' off based on the news of the needed course correction. 

From writer/producer Rand Ravich ('Life,' 'The Astronaut's Wife') and starring Dermot Mulroney ('The Grey,' 'My Best Friend's Wedding'), Gillian Anderson ('The X-Files,'), Lance Gross ('Tyler Perry's House of Pain') and Rachael Taylor ('666 Park Avenue,' 'Transformers') comes an emotionally charged, action thriller. 'Crisis' is a political thriller that explores how swiftly the world's most powerful people can be brought to their knees. During a school trip, students of the Ballard High School--including the son of the President of the United States--are the victims of an ambush. How far would you go and what would you become to ensure your child's safe return?


- Lance Gross
- Rachel Taylor
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- Gillian Anderson
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Nov 4th, 2013, 6:17 am

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