Primetime Ratings, Friday, 11/1/13




ABC and CBS split the Friday victory.

'Last Man Standing' rose one tenth from its last new outing. 'The Neighbors' matched the 1.0 its last original airing earned. Reigning Friday champion 'Shark Tank' matched last week's 2.0. 20/20 came in flat with last week's 1.5. 'Undercover Boss' dropped two tenths to a 1.4, but still won 8 p.m. 'Hawaii Five-0' dipped slightly, posting a 1.3. 'Blue Bloods' also took a slight hit, garnering a 1.2.

An NBC special on America's collective obsession with vampires failed to take a bite out of the ratings, coming in fourth with a 0.7. With that questionable lead-in, 'Grimm' dropped three tenths to a 1.5. The biggest plunge of the night goes to 'Dracula,' which tumbled down half a point to a 1.3. I guess the USA doesn't "heart" vampires as much as NBC was hoping. On FOX, 'MasterChef Junior' fell to a 1.3 of its own, and is a long way from what it was averaging early in the season. 'The Carrie Diaries' and 'America's Next Top Model' both matched their most recent respective numbers for The CW.

Key: Broadcast Network - Show Name - 18-49 Rating - 18-49 Share - Total Viewers In Millions


CBS - Undercover Boss (N) - 1.4 - 5 - 9.05

ABC - Last Man Standing (N) - 1.4 - 5 - 6.36

FOX - MasterChef Junior (N) - 1.3 - 5 - 4.01

NBC - Why We (Heart) Vampires - 0.7 - 2 - 2.59

CW - The Carrie Diaries (N) - 0.3 - 1 - 0.89


ABC - The Neighbors (N) - 1.0 - 4 - 4.50


ABC - Shark Tank (N) - 2.0 - 6 - 7.31

NBC - Grimm (N) - 1.5 - 5 - 4.96

CBS - Hawaii Five-0 (N) - 1.3 - 4 - 9.71

FOX - Sleepy Hollow (R) - 0.5 - 2 - 1.69

CW - America's Next Top Model (N) - 0.4 - 1 - 1.01


ABC - 20/20 (N) - 1.5 - 5 - 7.64

NBC - Dracula (N) - 1.3 - 4 - 3.39

CBS - Blue Bloods (N) - 1.2 - 4 - 11.01

Source: Nielsen Media Research

- CW

Written by: msd85
Nov 4th, 2013, 4:30 pm

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Message Posted On Nov 5th, 2013, 5:20 pm
The networks pay attention to international audiences only in the amount that the foreign distributor pays the producer for rights to air the show. This means very little as far as a show's longevity, but it is factored into what types of shows they develop in the first place. It's one of the reasons why procedurals are so prevalent - they translate well to foreign markets. and thanks for answering my question Mr Stevenson.
TV Head-RA

Message Posted On Nov 5th, 2013, 2:20 pm
German Audience....My guess is since you are unlikely to buy a lot of the products has no bearing since it is all about advertising revenue

Message Posted On Nov 5th, 2013, 1:00 am
I wonder if the networks consider the international viewers. Some American shows that were dropped were very popular here in Germany. German viewers, like Americans, pay for premium content, such as from Sky, and then buy a favorite series on BlueRay/DVD. Sky offers the viewer the option of switching languages which also boosts international ratings for popular shows.


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Message Posted On Nov 5th, 2013, 12:37 am

They're the premiere ratings, I just like to use the final adjusted numbers, which sometimes come out a day or so later than the preliminary ones. I used to just use the prelims, which is why they used to be posted quicker after the air date. The problem when using the prelims at this time of year is professional sports. Sports games often only air in certain markets, preempting primetime programs, or pushing them to a later timeslot. This can lead to very large differences between the initial and adjusted numbers. I want to give those reading these the most accurate data available. I hope that clears that question up.


As for the article, I did read it, and it's certainly food for thought. However, it still sounds like we're a ways away from later viewing carrying the same weight with networks or advertisers that live or same day viewing does.


Message Posted On Nov 4th, 2013, 7:16 pm
Question for Mr. Stevenson: I've noticed that these have been popping up later than they used to. Are these the premier ratings, or are they the premier + 3 day ratings? regardless there was an article today in the New York Times you might want to check out about how networks aren't as quick to drop an ax on a show that doesn't rate well during its premier since DVR's and streaming allow people to watch them later. "Seeking More Pay for Delayed Play" 11/4/2013
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