Hilary Duff Keeps Her Son's Umbilical Cord Stump at Home

hilary duffHillary Duff, and her husband Mike Comrie who at one time was pro hockey player, recently welcomed a baby boy into this world on March 20th. Duff has revealed that, she has kept her son’s umbilical cord at her house and that too in a drawer. She revealed that she considers the belly button of her baby falling off to be a big deal, hence she decided to keep it. But she also adds that her husband wasn’t really pleased to hear this idea of hers, he according to her was grossed out, but according to Duff, she stuck to her guns and eventually got her way. She has kept the stump in her Ziploc bag of her makeup drawer, a fact which is no more a secret.

Duff though is worried that, Luca her son who she has gone to such weird lengths for, might himself not be too happy when he is old enough to understand and comes to know what her mother has done, out of her affection for him. Meanwhile, Duff it seems has competition when it comes to expressing motherly love in a unique way. The competition, comes in the form of actress Alicia Silverstone, there is also video evidence to that effect. In the video, Alicia is seen chewing her son’s food before spitting it into his mouth. The video went viral last month, and has possibly managed to grab more eyeballs than one of Alicia’s movies.

In retrospect it is difficult to judge as to whom, between the two mothers gets the crown for being the most uniquely affectionate one. But it surely augers mention that, these mothers aren’t embarrassed to show their affection for their children in the way they see fit, irrespective of how the world perceives them.

Source: TvGuide

- Hilary Duff

Written by: jimmy478
Apr 22nd, 2012, 2:53 pm

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