CW: 'Arrow,' 'Flash' and... 'Hourman'?!




I have no trouble admitting that I didn't see this one coming. 

As DC Comics looks to expand their television universe with 'Flash' spinning out of an episode of 'Arrow' as a backdoor-pilot later this season, The CW is developing another DC property to join them: 'Hourman.' News was broken by The Hollywood Reporter that CW brass are adapting the DC Comics character Hourman for television, to be tied into the world of 'Arrow' and the upcoming 'Flash' project, should it be picked up to series. 

Never heard of Hourman? Well you aren't alone: the character hasn't been very popular over the last few years and has yet to even debut in the New 52 era of current ongoing DC Comics storylines. Hourman is a mantle worn by several secret identities in the comic books. In the original incarnation, Hourman is a hero who takes an experimental drug that gives him incredible super powers for precisely one hour. Each time Hourman goes to save the day, he is on the clock. This facet of the character could be what makes Hourman such an attractive property to television executives; the need for a ticking clock in suspense is paramount and the nature of Hourman would keep that clock ever-present. 

Now, there is another twist on the Hourman character that is finding its way into the series: Rick Tyler, the son of the original Hourman Rex Tyler, could also see exactly one hour into the future. I could see this ability being a tasty storytelling nugget that many TV writers would relish. It seems likely that it will be Rick Tyler who shows up either in 'Arrow' or 'Flash' in the coming year. It is confirmed by THR that the character for this project will have the ability to see one hour into the future, but it remains unclear if they will couple this with the super-power-for-an-hour concept of the original character. From the official release: 'Hourman' is about "a brilliant-yet-troubled pharmaceutical analyst who discovers that the visions that have plagued him since childhood are actually glimpses of tragic events occurring one hour in the future. Determined to win back his ex-wife and son, he heroically prevents these tragedies from unfolding, finding both purpose and redemption along the way."

'Arrow' has made Stephen Amell a household name and took him from a little-known Canadian actor to an Emmy Awards presenter. Grant Gustin will be following in those footsteps when he appears as Barry Allen in the pilot for 'Flash.' Now, 'Hourman' will give another actor the chance to live the superhero dream. 

Who would you like to see cast as 'Hourman'?


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Nov 5th, 2013, 2:45 pm

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Gilbert Gottfried would be perfect for this role. Danny Trejo, Steve Buscemi, or Forest Whitaker would also be excellent choices..............
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