'Body of Proof' Not Being Resurrected After All


Body of Proof cast


A few weeks back, we brought you the news that ABC was strongly considering bringing back 'Body of Proof' for a fourth season. Unfortunately, it seems that either those original reports were overblown, or ABC has since had a change of heart.

Series star Dana Delany took to Twitter today, in an apparent attempt to prevent previously burned 'Proof' fans from getting their hopes up any further: "Sorry to disappoint some, but #bodyofproof will not be resurrected. May she rest in peace. Time for new adventures!" Well, I guess that's pretty much that. If anyone would know whether the show is coming back, it would have to be its lead actress.

The online response to 'Body of Proof's seemingly impending resurrection was overwhelmingly positive, to the point where many were crediting ABC with making a smart move. 'BOP' was never a ratings juggernaut, but its numbers make most of ABC's new series look downright awful. To put things in perspective, 'Proof's series finale back in May brought in roughly double the audience that the latest episode of 'Once Upon A Time Wonderland' earned.

Sadly, fans have to go back to mourning the loss of the show they loved. Ah, the incomprehensible thought processes of network executives. The day their decisions make sense to us normal folk will likely be a precursor to the coming apocalypse.

- Dana Delany
- Body Of Proof

Written by: msd85
Nov 12th, 2013, 2:36 pm

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Message Posted On Dec 29th, 2013, 6:23 am
This show started off really well, but sadly some of the storylines from the middle of Season 2 onwards were pretty lame and they just got worse as the show went on. Season 3 tried to make it more dramatic but this was done at the expense of storyline with some plots being downright daft. The security in the building where they work is laughable with people from other cities walking straight into the autopsy room as if they knew the place like their own home. Personally I find season 3 almost unwatchable and I'm happy its ended, even Dana Delany seemed to be fed up with the over acting required.

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Message Posted On Nov 12th, 2013, 4:42 pm

It certainly didnt help by changing most of the actors in the 3rd season, as the network didnt (as if thats ever stopped them!) realise it changed the viewers mind in keeping up with this show, jumped the shark comes to mind.


Afaik Unstoppable was brought back from the dead & ironically the female lead was a Redhead also, as Jerry Seinfeld would say, 'Not that there's anything wrong with that!' :-)

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