Laura Prepon to Return for 4 Episodes of 'Orange Is the New Black'


Laura Prepon


The ever-growing popularity of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ continues to find Laura Prepon and her beloved character Alex Vause in prison limbo. Originally slated for just one episode in the second season of the Netflix original series, Prepon will now return for four episodes, as first reported by Buzzfeed.

The 13-episode second season is already being shot, and Prepon’s presence is a welcome one, especially considering her appearance was thought to be limited to one instance in a storyline that would close out her character.

Now, however, with four episodes, her future is far more uncertain and open-ended, as Prepon is in negotiations to appear in the third season.

Prepon’s Vause was one of the most interesting characters on the first season of ‘Orange,’ one who didn’t necessarily evolve so much as she was allowed to show the audience different sides of her. Initially the villain to Piper Chapman’s victim, Vause, Chapman’s former drug-dealing lesbian lover, was someone who became more sympathetic (and seen as wiser, tougher) as the season progressed.

The brilliant conceit of the show however, was always using Chapman, an attractive, white, middle class woman, to bring the audience into the world of the prison. It is one populated by minority women, the extent to which is unlike any other show on television.

While the first season followed Chapman, it explored the pasts and presents of these many other characters, and the seasons that follow prove to do more of the same. Creator Jenji Kohan (‘Weeds’) has long said its these stories that she is more interested in.

So, while four episodes may not be enough for the hoards of Vause and Prepon fans out there – the actress has been lauded for her performance – the narrative of the show should perfectly allow for characters to come and go without detracting from the story.

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Written by: AnthonyWrites
Nov 13th, 2013, 11:01 am

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