NBC Shows on the Brink of Cancellation for 2011

One NBC show has already been canceled for the 2011 season; The Playboy Club ended its run in October. Three more shows find themselves on the chopping block; Community, Harrry’s Law, and GRIMM. TV by the Numbers is giving their odds for renewal and cancellation for these shows. While Community’s fate is almost certain for renewal, Harry’s Law could be gone by 2012.

Midseason hiatus may prove the death knell for any of these “bubble” shows. Bubble refers to their status as being in danger of cancellation. Essentially they are being held a loft by the network, but at any moment the bubble could pop and off the air they would be.

It seems clear that Community will return next year. Despite the low ratings it has a strong fan following. NBC also has its eyes set on syndication, which requires that the show have a fourth season. Renewal seems certain at this point.

GRIMM has had the problem of being compared to ABC’s more popular Once Upon a Time. While the shows have a similar theme, fairy tales, their focus differs. GRIMM is a cop drama and Once is a mystery in the style of LOST. GRIMM is not a critical favorite and may find itself off the schedule on NBC.

Harry's Law Promo Pic

Harry’s Law, produced by David E. Kelly, is on the chopping block. Despite strong support it has faltered in the ratings. You can blame that on a re-structuring between seasons that turned this quirky legal show into a Boston Legal clone. When the hiatus is over Harry’s law will move from Wednesdays to Sunday nights.

ABC and CBS are also concerned about a few of their new shows. PAN AM which began with a strong start for ABC had their episodes cut back. It will end its first season with only 14 episodes produced. The show has not been chopped yet, but it isn’t looking good. Cancellations for CBS included Medium, already on its second life. 

Are you upset about any of the cancellation news? Do you have a favorite show from the 2011 season?

- Community
- Grimm
- Medium
- Pan Am
- Kathy Bates

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Grimm and Community are great shows... Arrgh, I'm starting to wish I kept my promise to not watch any new shows and just to wait until everything is eventually cancelled...

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